Stupid Question re: DOTs and Shield Regen

I know this is dumb, so sorry in advance.

Do the burn DOTs that Krieg inflicts on himself with the Hellborn tree count as damage with regard to preventing shields from recharging? In other words, if I want to keep my shield down for Mania tree skills, will setting myself on fire with Hellborn skills help me do so?

That is not a dumb question. It is perfectly valid.

So far as I know, if it is damaging your shield, it does not allow it to regen. If Krieg is on fire, it does.

I may be wrong as to instances, but that is how it has worked for me.

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Yes, but you don’t need fire DOTS to do so - just being around enemies will keep your shield down.

Yes, it helps keep your shield down, very helpful for Roid shields or the Flame of the Firehawk. I don’t put many points into Hellborn, Release the Beast and Bloodsplosions are too important to my build. But I do go in far enough to burn myself with any elements, and potentially ignite enemies with melee strikes.

Thanks, everybody.

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