Stupid question

Yeah, I played Maya a lot but I still don’t know this…

What triggers her wings to appear?

Blight Phoenix. It’s a fairly useless skill in UVHM, so I’d skip it unless you like potentially blowing up barrels just by walking by them.

And that’s also why the Blight bot Action package has wings. Interesting, thanks.

Personally I use Blight Phoenix because without it, I can’t get the last ability in that tree. And only 1/5 in it.

If I recall correctly, it makes melee-rushing psychos stumble upon being damaged and automatically destroys piles around so you won’t have to shoot them for ammo… well it’s at least more useful than cloudkill or helios.

You can skip it if you want.

True, but it’s more dangerous.

Here’s the thing I don’t get about “Blight Phoenix” – it triggers on successful kills, but also when you get FFYL’d. Effect of it on the first case is clear, but not the second – is it just a visual effect, or does it do momentary damage?

It damages enemies close to you, but like other rank skills, it doesn’t scale very well.

Well, here’s what I’m running right now:

I wasn’t sure about the actual damage, but that it does damage at all makes the single point into it worth it; I’m not expecting it to kill, but the same can be said for that point into Backdraft.