Stupid questions containment thread!

This is the place to post little stupid question that don’t deserve an own thread.

I’ll start: what exactly is min/maxing?

Tweaking your stats and abilities to their max or min possible values (as applicable) for best performance.

Why does a box of ammo cost as much as a sports car in UVHM?

Hey! Marcus needs to eat as well, you know. :wink:

:slight_smile: You’d think that selling guns for the price of jet planes would take care of that.

For each nukems you sell, you can refill your rocket ammo 3.3 times!

Yeah, I hate that so much.

Bl1 was probably just as unbalanced since Rockets were $72 even when almost any gun sold for $99,999,999. But it was the happy-fun kind of unbalanced not the sad kind.

Why wasn’t there a gun shop in TPS?
BL1, 2 had marcus shops…
And all 3 games had a medical shop… Dr. Zed & Nurse Nina !!

OK – here’s my stupid question: is the Sentinel male or female? So many refer to it as ‘he’ but, looks sort-of female to me. I mean, all those Elpis creatures (guardians, Ophas) look female (as well as that creature that stops the bullets, name is ‘…?..’ I think).

Because Marcus is too fat(and lazy) to get on the rocket and fly to the Elpis to open his shop there and then getting back to Pandora in a few months :smiley: