Stuttering back and getting worse?

I was so happy, because the stuttering and micro freezes that I used to experience since last year, had finally disappeared in the last few months, but now it is back and getting worse by the day. I have an ASUS ROG relatively new, with an NVidia card. Since a couple of weeks ago, every time I get close to a vending machine or the battlefield gets crowded, the stuttering is unbearable. Why is this happening after, apparently, the game had been finally optimized.

Did you update your Nvidia drivers a couple weeks ago?

I ask because twice in the last month or two, when I updated my drivers, stuttering in BL3 took a drastic turn for the worse. The first time it happened, I stumbled on something that cleared it up and then all was fine. Then a couple weeks later, I updated again and I was half expecting the stuttering to come back, and sure enough it did. So I repeated what I did the first time, and it cleared up again.

I run in DX11 normally. What I did was, kind of on a hunch, was switch to DX12, quit, restarted the game, and let the game rebuild (the long Claptrap dance) its DX12 shader cache (as it has to do when you update drivers) and then switched back to DX11, restarted, and the stuttering disappeared. I know it doesn’t seem to make much sense but it worked on two occasions now. I have no idea what common assets DX11 and DX12 share on a PC system, or maybe just the act of switching to DX12 and back cleared something else up unrelated to shaders… who knows.

I have the same issue with a ryzen 9 3900X/Radeon 5700XT setup. But I will give the “switch and back” method a try. My minifreezes occur most often when in an instant a large change of scenery happens, which can already just be the first corner into the open field of the Splinterlands or a loot ghost dropping legendaries.
But the freezes never happen while nothing is happening on screen, so I guess it could just be a massively delayed access to some assets or shaders that makes those freezes happen.