Stuttering back with a vengeance?

Is anybody else having issues with stuttering since Bloody Harvest was enabled?
I was extremely happy before that, because they appear to have optimized the game so the stuttering I was experiencing until March or April finally went away… but now it’s back and getting worse.

I haven’t noticed it (PC, Nvidia gpu)

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Are you on NVidia and have you just updated your drivers? Twice in the last couple weeks or so, I updated drivers and stutter got a lot worse.

The first time it happened, I had kind of a hunch (apparently the shader cache gets dumped when you update to a new driver) so I switched to DX12, let Clappy do his dance thing (rebuilds the shader cache), played for a little bit, didn’t see much improvement, but I switched back to DX11 and restarted and everything was fine.

When I updated a couple days ago, the same thing happened. Massive stuttering. So I switched to DX12 again, rebuilt the shaders, switched back to DX11, quit and restarted, and no problems. I have no idea why or how this even works, but it works for me.

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Sort of cumbersome, but I’m gonna try it. Anything to avoid the stuttering. And yes, I have an NVidia, but I haven’t updated the drivers lately. What was updated was Windows 10. It was a major one, because it took like an hour.

After my first response, I did actually get some periodic stutter, but only once. But when I restarted the game it went away, and so far hasn’t returned

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Another thing to try is to add -NOTEXTURESTREAMING to your startup options. This obviously turns off dynamic texture streaming while you’re wandering around a map and virtually eliminates the stutter that’s often a result. (Occasionally, I’ll get some microstutters in isolated conditions; for example cultists teleporting into maps in DLC3 sometimes causes a little stutter but I’m wondering if the cause of that is something else entirely and not related to texture stuff.)

The tradeoff is, the game loads all the textures (at highest quality, no matter what’s set in your in-game options) before you enter the map so your loadscreen times will go up dramatically and you’ll take an additional VRAM/RAM hit.

There’s another way to get around that kind of stutter which involves going into an .ini file and changing a setting, but in a recent patch or so Gearbox (or maybe Nvidia) must’ve changed some things, because while it still does clear up the stuttering, I now see a lot of texture thrashing/flashing while in game which looks horrible and distracting (it didn’t do that before.)

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Thanks a lot for all the advice. I’ll definitely tweak around a bit.

Had some stutters, but more noticably I’ve been having some crashes. Funnily enough they only started when I started farming for a Facepuncher in Fort Sunshine, but I’ve had 3 or 4 since.

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