Stuttering every second

Computer Spec:Windows 10 64bit
I7 4770k
32 gigs ram

game start to stuttering at main menu and thru out the game. but the problem is fixed when disconnect from network. how do i fix this problem ?

play offline.
also, windows 10 breaks games, bl2 isn’t well optimized for higher end cards, and never use windows drivers.
Most importantly, Try this.

I have the same problem, and I can’t play offline with my friends… Isn’t really any fix to this?

did you try what I suggested?

Solved it here… The problem was the way the wifi was getting on the PC… With a new pc, i didn’t have a long enough cable to get to my router. So I was using my celphone to get wifi.

My friend just lent me a cable and it somehow solved my problem.
Thank you anyway.

I still don’t know why that was a problem, though.