Stuttering, Freezes, No longer Meets Minimum Requirements?

I am creating a thread with a reply i made to a comment in a similar topic, just so its not buried amd somebody can see it. If thats against any rules i apologize and will delete one or the other.

I see that a lot of you guys are experiencing issues on these super computers lol. Well as somebody relatively inexperienced with pc gaming i bought a laptop with a Ryzen 5 3500U and AMD Radeon Vega Graphic with 8 GB Ram. The game never ran great at high settings and i didnt expect it to. I knew enough about what i was buying to take a chance.

So background out the way, i was playing with a mixed graphic settings in the beginning, lots of lows and offs to maintain my 30-60 FPS (was erratic but smooth enough to play comfortably) but then after this last update or hotfix or patch or whatever it is called(inexperience showing now) I can barely even shoot my gun with out ridiculous lag spikes on what i have now changed to the lowest possible settings.

Now AMD Adrenaline Driver software has always said that my system met minimum requirements for Borderlands 3 Play. (I take it with a grain of salt as tweaking settings in other games has had them running smoothly regardless of whether my system met minimum or not. NBA 2k20 was an example, i removed the crowd in graphics settings and it runs very well) Well back to the point now in radeon adrenaline it has changed to does not meet minimum requirements.

I dont understand how i go from meets minimum requirements and playing relatively smooth to Not meeting minimum and huge lag spikes. For whatever its worth this has all happened in the course of a month, my laptop turns 1 month old in 3 days.

I guess my question if there are no reccomendations or solutions that dont involve a new laptop or pc, do you guys think i will ever be able to enjoy this game again? Or should i try my luck at getting a refund through steam before my play time gets too high. I love this game and the thought of a refund sickens me, but im at the end of my road here.

I’m a little late here, but try giving this a shot (quoting myself from another thread):

(Back up that file first, just in case something bad happens.)

I have a hunch (/burton briggs) that the default value of that setting was originally 0, but then got set to -1 as part of the last patch for whatever reason (a mistake? intentional? who knows…) I have no proof of this of course, I’m just speculating. I have no idea what the defaults actually were. But I had started getting more stutters and hitches after the patch and this sorta kinda makes sense.

I haven’t set mine to 0, but rather 1 because I want to give myself as much ‘headroom’ as I can. :slight_smile:


How can I find this file if I’m playing the steam version of the game?

Scratch that, I actually just found the file, and made the edit, gonna give it a go now.

I literally had to come back immediately and just tell you that you sir are a god. I have no idea why it took this, or why somebody else couldn’t tell me this, but I’m already running double fps and honestly fighting back tears of joy :joy::joy: I have never had such a smooth experience with this game, and if I have it’s been so long I forgot what it felt like. Thank you so much. I don’t wanna sound greedy lol, but if there’s anything you’d reccomend in terms of just plain stability I’m willing to try it, but if not, this is still an amazing improvement and I thank you so much for taking the time to stop and give me this information.