Stuttering is getting worse in BL3

I’m starting to get very frustrated with BL3’s issues with stuttering and micro freezes. Is there anybody at Gearbox who is going to address this issue? I have read hundreds of comments of people that have exactly the same problems of stuttering when approaching vending machines or chests, battle scenarios, explosions, you name it. I have an ASUS ROG GU 501 G with 6 freakin’ processors and and NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 video card. I just can’t believe that my computer is the problem. I have tried every single adjustment in game or in the card settings that has been recommended online, the settings are at their lowest and the problem keeps getting worse. And the daily “Hotfixes” appear to be doing nothing. If anybody has a piece of advice, I would greatly appreciate any help, because at this point if the problem keeps getting worse, the game will become unplayable.


Hi, I’m also facing the same problem. I get good fps for like 5-10 minutes then unplayable. I’ve raised a ticket but I dont think its going to be fixed anytime soon.

Gearbox is busy with the DLC and events. I dont think they’ll bother with stability until they are done.

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