Stuttering is getting worse

I had been trying to not pay too much attention to the constant stuttering during gameplay, because it was still bearable, but after I install the latest NVidia Drivers and I ran the game and noticed some latest hotfixes, the gameplay is worse than ever. The stuttering is constant and frankly speaking this is becoming so frustrating that I don’t feel like playing anymore. I have the visual settings in low and I have tried every possible fix recommended by different players. Nothing has worked and as I said, it got worse today.
I’m playing on an ASUS ROG 501GM, with an i7-8750H CPU; 16 GB of Physical memory and an NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 card. This system shouldn’t have any issues with the game… it run smoothly with other games.
Please, I need some help here.


Having the same issue - have you tried limiting your FPS in the graphics settings?

I was getting stuttering and insane overheating on my GPU, which has never happened before, including with more demanding games.

Limiting the FPS (I think by default it’s unlimited?) seemed to go a long way to dealing with both (although stuttering still happened).

Sorry if this is no help - I’m not a tech guru, just speaking from experience.

If anyone has a better solution I’m all ears, because like I said, still get stuttering on occasion.

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Thank you for replying and for the suggestion. I already did that. I limited the FPS to 60, even though my screen is rated at 120. There’s no difference whatsoever.

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Well, it seems that posting under “Borderlands 3 Tech Support” is useless. I have never gotten a reply from anybody from Support.

I’m gonna fill out this form and chuck it at them - maybe it will get looked at this way:


radeon boost got rid of my stuttering like completely and i know it’s not optimal since it’s lowers resolution but it’s better then nothing and i play 4k so i’m not even noticing it…maybe try it


For all those microstutters and hitches, try this (quoting myself from another thread):

(Back up that file before you start messing around, just in case.)

I’ve been using this solution for many many weeks now and it continues to work for me. (But as always, your mileage may vary.)

It won’t save you from the hard freezes/crashes that are plaguing a lot of players (including myself!) but it does clear up the obnoxious microstutters and hitching for me and a lot of other players. But until your game crashes entirely, it’ll be smooth lol. :smiley: (Well hopefully.)


I tried your suggestion and modified the .ini file. No change whatsoever. Same stuttering and my GPU is getting very hot, which concerns me.

Thanks you, thanks you, thanks YOU

I tried all possible and unimaginable things found on the internet and I always found that it was a shame that with a 2080 Ti there was constant stuttering, now it’s smooth <3 <3 <3

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What did you set it as?

Sorry, who are you asking? Zangdar72 or me?
If it’s me, I set it at 1… it was -1 originally, as Rumplebunny said.

I asked Zangdar72 but it seems like the forum software doesn’t want to show who I’m replying to even though it shows up just above this one even I see yours, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, this time it didn’t.
I mean I’m also running 2080 Ti. so I’d like to know the setting he has. I do experience stuttering every now and then (and crashing sometimes afterwards)


If you happen to be running DX12, try switching to DX11. I did a little experimenting and noticed that, at least for me, using DX12 still has hitching and stuttering even when using that .ini tweak (not quite as bad as without the tweak, but it’s definitely still there.)

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Intresting that you mention settings about texture loading.

I’m on PS4Pro and I’ve noticed FPS is more stable of late but I get a lot more texture pop-in.
I’m wondering if GB changed this behavior for consols?

Yes, I’ve been using DX12. I’m gonna give it a try reverting to DX11. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks Rumplebunny, changing TextureStreamingPoolSizeMBOverride to 1 helped a bit in my case with frequent microstutters - lagging is still there, but less noticeable. I tried it after many other recommended performance fixes that did either nothing or even worsened lags. But I had better results in game with DirectX 12 than 11, although loading time at the start is much longer. There is probably no universal fix for all computers.