Stuttering when game plays audio messages


i have installed the game on a normal hard drive, and not my ssd. homeworld remastered isn’t that demanding, so i think this should be okay. i only have one big problem: whenever the game loads the audio message (at least for the first time) i am experiencing stutter.

the reason is: the game doesn’t seem to preload necessary audio files that will be used during the mission. every time it has to access the hard disc which causes stutter.

is there an option to let the game preload these audio files? i think it should be a standard nowadays to use an intelligent preload system.

thanks in advance

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This is happening with my brother’s laptop as well. Everything works fine except for the 1 sec stuttering when an audiofile is being played, which in this game is almost all the time.

Same for me with the cutscenes as well as in game. Need a fix for this!! I’m also on a regular hdd. Preload Audio!

Anyone looking into this?