Stuttering when near items on the ground... :(?

Basically i’m seeing pretty bad stuttering (despite constant fps) when I go near items / loot on the ground.

It only seems to stutter when i’m near items on the ground. Rest of the time is fine. And it’s not like it’s loads of items on the ground either - 5 items in close proximity to each other is enough to cause big stuttering when I go near them.

Is anyone else seeing this ?
Is there any fix for it ?

If that is the only time your game stutters, you are quite lucky. Perhaps you didn’t see anyone talking about it, but there are thousands upon thousands of people on pc and the consoles that have horrible stuttering in this game in many more scenarios than just items on the ground.

Thankfully i only get lag in the menu. Especially when i tab to my skill screen, sometimes lags for 5-10 seconds. Also on fast travel sometimes the mini map loads slowly. Playing on original ps4