Stutters in fighting, FPS drops (problem)

From the release of the game I still have alot of stutters when fighting, I dont have the most OP PC Gaming, but it is enough for can play whatever I want. “RTX 2060 + I7 4770K + 16GB RAM etc…”

This is the only game that I have problems, I can play very smooth others, and it doesn’t matter if I change to low graphic, very low or high, or whatever, always stuttering.

Do you guys have same problems, do you know something about how to fix or ??


Windows 10 pro, 4770k oc 4.5 all cores, evga 1080 ti ftw3, 16gb 1866 DDR3, installed on samsung 860 evo ssd. Most recent nvidia drivers… however, no driver has been better or worse for this issue.

Yes… still get stutters in fights and when opening basically any loot container holding a weapon/shield/etc. No stutters from money/ammo crates. No difference if I change graphics settings either. Have basically shelved the game as it’s annoying as hell to play because of this.

Try turning texture streaming down to low. This fixed fighting/lootbox hitching for me.

This hasn’t made a single difference for me. I think I have spend at least 10 hours of my 70 hours play time just testing settings in this game. It’s ridiculous.

I have the same problem. It’s annoying that they just released dlc but the game doesn’t even run properly.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not just a PC thing as I’m on Xbox and I deal with this too. It’s quite annoying really. :confused:

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