Sub Boss health on Heliophage with 5 players on advanced!

Not sure if it was a glitch or not but the bosses had insane health for the gunhulk we litterally stood there with the turrets active and watched as 70% of the enemies health went away before the normal fight sequence began. Then after the insane onslaught of enemies and losing teammates all but 2 other teammates, it took 20 min to widdle down the veralsi that summons all those thrall I did over 120k+ damage before the wardens started to shield her for the first time. The scaling in the last few missions is terrible. I mean even the enemies on the mission before are insane with 5 people on advanced no joke 90% of the enemies on the last defense are all large enemies vail walker, evolved thrall, mini gunhulks, berserkers, anything big. I am not seeing any reasonable scaling in the game, I already cleared the game solo by myself on advanced and solo on normal and did not have any of these problems. And looking in the forums I am seeing about 4 other topics talking about the same thing, I have streamer friends reluctant to play because it is insane. Please I want to hear more people explain their difficulties with these last few missions, and I want to know who is testing this stuff before it reaches a gamers hands because it doesn’t feel like it does.

I had all the same difficulties on The Heliophage that everyone else has had and I loved every minute of it, all 60+ of them. It’s the final mission, it’s essentially a raid, it’s SUPPOSED to be hard. If it was made easier it wouldn’t be long before these forums were flooded with posts of “The Heliophage is too easy, there’s no challenge, it should be harder”.
It’s fine the way it is, the difficulty is intentional and doesn’t need to be lessened in the slightest.


This is intended I believe. The bosses on advanced have a ton more health than normal, somewhere in the realm of 3-5 times as much. However, the triggers for their actions, like the Gunhulk losing his shield, are at set health values.

So, let’s just say that the normal Gunhulk has 1000 health. At 700 health, it’s shield drops and he teleports. Now for advanced, the Gunhulk has 4000 health, because more health and more damage means more difficulty, right? Anyways, his health trigger doesn’t move to 280 to reflect his new health value, instead it remains at 700. This leads to the first phase for the fight being much longer than usual.

It isn’t just the advanced difficulty mechanic, like I said I already beat all the missions, except the renegade, solo on advanced and on normal and did the renegade on advanced with 5 people on advanced hardcore mode. And I basically walked right through them no problem. But the mechanics of having 5 people in the game is way to much because the scaling is not working properly. You shouldn’t have to stand around for 10 min while the turrets focus fire on the gunhulk before the shield comes down, you shouldn’t have to take 70% of the health off of the boss who summons all those skulks before shielding. I mean even the jailer guards had to much health it was taking ( maybe even more) 3 min of focus fire to kill them. When you get right down to it, you didn’t have these sort of problems in the story missions on the same difficulty with 5 players the scaling seems fine just until you hit the final 2 levels.