Sub-Level 13 mission co-op

Anybody want to co-op? I need 3 other players to do this mission so that I can get the trophy. Good opportunity for those if they don’t have it yet. I’m level 18.

I might be avaiable in a day or two and I might get a couple of buddies to tag along. What’s your character and story progress btw? Perhaps you could join us.

My character is Athena. My story progress is “home sweet home” I think? Where you’re about to go to Helios space station.

I just arrived to Helios. Me and my buddy are still level 17 tough, so we’ll probably be sticking in the story for tomorrow. Maybe we’ll go to level 13 after that. You can keep track of our progress in my PS thread.

Shame you happened to be Athena tough. Otherwise I would’ve invited you to play with us for the rest of entire game. But I can probably ignore that for one day if it helps you to get your trophy.

I’m not sure if I can guarantee for two friends tough. I met this one guy yesterday who I friended, but he might not come again or he might level up beyond 20, in which case there’s no way I’ll accept him on Sub-level 13!

I’m planning to play as different characters when I’m done with the whole game. So that I can also get the action skill trophies for each character.

I have a friend who can play if one your friends can’t make it.

In the meantime I will just wait so that I won’t level up. Probably grind the Shotgun “take it all” challenge.:joy:

PSN: demonalbatross

I just got the Trophie. Not sure if you still want to do it.

Good for you then. Maybe we’ll be doing it on our own tough. Feel free to pop in whenever you’re playing on appropriate level!

Hey. I need 3 more for the trophy, too :slight_smile:

I have 2 Controllers so only 2 more needed (or 1 guy with 2 controllers). Have the Mission ready on TVHM.

I’m on PS4, Shoot me a message or add me on PSN: BiTSiN

Anybody still need the trophy? I plan on doing it on the ps4, but not yet. I will reply to this thread when I do.
For the mean time, does anybody need help with the trophy for the PS3? I’m willing to still help out.