Sub Zero Sniper

Ya, I’m going with the Sniper/Cyro build thing and just want some thoughts on the skill I choose. Also, witch tree should I go down first.

One point is usually enough in Bitter Reposte and Winter’s Veil, so I’d go down the third tree a bit. Top skills have got some solid accuracy, reload speed and fire rate bonuses.

Also, I’d go with Large Caliber instead of I Never Miss, because, well I miss.

That’s pretty close to my build. I’d put points in Dutchess, because it’s basically a free accuracy enhancement.

I don’t use Prudent Prudence or Wait For It, but that’s just a personal thing (I also flood that middle tree for some icy goodness).

My 2 cents:

What COM are you using? That matters here too.

Wait for it… probably the worst skill I’ve seen in a BL game outside Mordecai’s Smirk and you should never take that. Miss a sniper shot for 1,5 % sniper gun dmg bonus per point up to 15 % max? Large caliber below that gives you +10 % gun damage and +5 % reload speed per point non-conditionally and for all guns. Losing some magazine isn’t that big of a deal, especially with Only the best adding more into it anyway for snipers. You don’t need to max Large caliber, I myself have it at 3/5. The mag size reducion has diminishing penalty per point so going full isn’t a bad idea either.

Bitter riposte and winter’s weil funnily enough do their job perfectly at 1/5 so that’s more points you could get open.

Those changes allow you to reach 5/5 QnQ on the right side giving you 25 % gun damage and 15 % fire rate.
Also got 2/2 Dutchess along the way, can’t really avoid it, which depending on what guns you are using can be anything from useless to great. High stacks do help with sniper hipfire.

Beyond that I would try to reach some points into Next to cleanliness since it’s great (gun damage and reload) but it’s not that big of a deal I guess. Knowing your COM could help optimize it a bit more.

Another small tidbit is putting 1 point into Whiteout since the first point debuffs any enemy inside the field to doing 17 % less damage which in some area’s is very useful even for a sniper. The first point has the biggest return per point. This skill just has the unfortunate effect of causing some visual pollution and in some maps it will make you half blind (lunar station).

EDIT: Winter’s fury is another point in there that could be easily moved. I’ve put a point in there myself and I honestly never notice the skill doing absolutely anything. If you are throwing the shard to some nearby target then Polar Vortex is going to override the effect anyway.

Actually accounting to my calculator. if you have 5 skill points in it and get to max stack you get about a 75% sniper dmg. that seems about enough to kill a boss with one shoot.

That is exactly what you get. 1,5 % per point per stack. 10 stacks at 5/5 is 75 %
…but only for one shot. Also +75 % is not even double damage. It’s not going to one shot any bosses and if they are weak enough to be oneshot with it you could just shoot them twice instead :smiley:
Also building 10 stacks with that condition means pretty much building it out of combat and you’ll never get the full benefit of it inside combat.

Warning shot would give you full benefit on every missed shot for 35 % crit, 35 % fire rate with 45 accuracy and 50 swap thrown in too. It’s a lot more dynamic skill and can be used effectively even in prolonged combat unlike Wait for it…

5/5 on Large Caliber would get you 50 % gun damage all the time on every shot and doesn’t need you to waste 10 sniper bullets for it. Also gives extra reload speed that you don’t currently have on any of your skills.

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You know you can stake it up to 999 right? it said so in the description. Let see if accounting are right. 999 X 7.5 =7,492.5 if I’m right.

The stack cap for Wait for it… is 10. I didn’t play Pre-sequel way back when so I’m just assuming the cap used to be 999 because that’s what’s in the old calculator. Dunno how you managed to nail down that correct 75 % earlier if you thought it goes up to 999 but just start the game and see for yourself.

Hey, I also just noticed you asked which tree to go down first. I thought you were asking this as an already lvl 70.

Put 1 point in Bitter riposte. 1 point in only the best, then 4/5 markswoman and start going down the tree like you planned to. When you can reach a capstone you can respec to cryotree but it’s not really worth it for NVHM. Wintertide is ridiculously strong in mobbing though so once you can reach that capstone it might be worth considering unless you want to keep your sniping bonuses.

I wonder if the ~7,436% damage increase with Wait For It (assuming you spend some time sniping a wall 999 times) will kill a raid boss in one shot. Has anyone tried this? Can you imagine if you built up 999 stacks and then you missed?? LOLOLOLOL not funny.

Wait for It has only 10 stacks. Wit 999 I Never Miss you can one shot EOS.

I’m not sure if Wait for it used to have 999 max stacks when the game came out or if the old online skill tree calculator just done goofed but like Grzes said the maximum stacks for wait for it is 10. It’s an absolutely worthless skill.

I’m on it, thanks!

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