Subconscious Framerate Drops?

I’m really loving the DLC… and I can play BL2 and TPS on Ultra… everywhere (PC BTW), but why is Subconscious lagging? Anyone know? Any fix?

I’m having the same issue too. I run at max and my fps is 80-100+ in most areas but as soon as I get into Subconscious it drops to 30fps and below at times.

4670k @ 4.2ghz
GTX 780
8gb DDR3

Might be better off posting in PC Tech Support…

Oh sorry, my bad. Just want the most exposure possible… really wanted to know if others were experiencing it. Glad others are… in the sense that it’s not just me.

Exact same experience here. Even stranger, though: I have an older laptop I sometimes game with on the go, and I don’t get any of the frame dips that I get on my (comparatively) beastly desktop in the Subconscious.

That is even weirder… hmm…

Sounds like it’s definitely on their end.

I’ve experienced this. If there’s anything constructive we could to to provide feedback about it for a fix, I’m all ears.

Just thought of one possibly big contributing factor: my laptop (the solid performer in this case) runs an ATI gpu; my desktop (the offender) runs games off an Nvidia card.

Interesting… I’m using an nVidia card as well. Maybe it’s an nVidia thing… hopefully they or Gearbox fixes this.

I had the same issue the only way I was able to fix it was setting PhysX to low. (I have a gtx 960).

I can confirm lowering my PhysX to low fixed my framerates… now I just have to figure out the final boss :open_mouth:

Same issue…have a GTX 780.

Lowering PhysX to low fixed the problem as well.

Less loot passing through the floor as well.

But I miss those EXPLOSIONS! LOL

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I used to run my physX settings on Ultra on my GTX970 but I had to turn them off for something and being able to actually see in front of me felt better than being blinded by debris. I miss the cool effects but I like the uncluttered view with it set to low now.

But yeah I get frame rate drops but only at the beginning of the level near the fast travel.