Sublimate Skill Interruption

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, I couldn’t find another instance of this being asked but if it has been asked, I apologize.

I was playing a match today as Mellka. Her ultimate ability (Blade Launcher) upon hitting ‘F’ while using the “Standard Skill Activation Style”, causes her to ready the blade for shooting. At this point, you can either hit F again or Left-Click to start shooting your blades, or right-click to cancel the ability from being used and save it for later.

In the match I just played, I learned that if Kelvin hits you with Sublimate while the blade is readied (before actually initiating the skill) it will put Blade Launcher on cooldown without ever having hit the button to fire.

This isn’t a complaint, I’m just curious if this is intended behavior for the abilities. Do other characters experience the same thing?

Every ability is put on cool down if stunned while readied.

sadly, every character experiences this. im assuming it is intended because it hasnt been fixed or even acknowledged as being on the radar to be fixed. i am kind of ok with losing skills if a silence is used, but not just taking dmg or being stunned. sometimes i get hit with simple primary fire while playing someone like phoebe mid teleport and it will not only stop me from teleporting, but eat the teleport i get with the level 6 mutation

I think it’s fine to lose the skill if you are stunned. It forces you to be a little more careful about when you start busting out an ult.

Well that answers that. To me it seems a bit weird but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, so I know to be more careful when readying things.


I think that’s a problem specific to Phoebe, though…

On a related note, Kelvin’s sublimate, while unable to hit with shots, can be interrupted by a stun such as ghalt traps