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Gearbox’s Question And Answer Time panel is going down on Friday, January 23 in the Gearbox Theatre.

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What information can you divulge about the Borderlands Remastered Edition for next gen consoles. Like release date and what you are actually doing to the game.

Edit. Well they’ve released a trailer but I couldn’t see anything about BL1.

Is BL1 being remastered?

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Why is Dr. Ted not a PC yet and where is Mark Lanegan and the Nicotine fairies?

Seconded on this question, and add: any information on BL1 on-line co-op for PS3 players? A remastered BL1 would solve this little problem…


I want to know if this remaster rumor that has been going around the last couple months was in fact the one that was just announced yesterday and not about BL1 like most of us thought…
Just want closure I suppose.


@Jeffybug Do you know if this will be streaming anywhere for those of us that can’t make it ???

@JeffyBug as community manager I feel you could/should get a statement of some kind released re BL1, if it’s being remastered or not.


Does someone have a video for the panel?


Hopefully they’ll be live streaming it on like they have done for past PAX’s. It would be awesome if a Gearbox member could confirm this.

As for my own questions:

When is the 6th character planned be released?

When is the Campaign DLC planned to be released?

What is the name of the Campaign DLC?

Are there any plans for either another level cap raise and/or OP levels?

Weel the Q&A was yesterday and I’ll propably be busy tomorrow.

So again: anyone have a video for the Q&A? Please :kissing_cat: