Subroutine Damage Formula?

Does anybody have a link to how clappy’s damage works when he’s on a good/bad subroutine?

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All gun subroutines are additive, there is not much to it really. Tripleclocked is “pseudo” multiplicative. In that formula OLT is not calculated right. OLT is not additive, its multiplicative to both gun damage and splash.

I was more thinking about whether positive dmg buffs from let’s say death machine just cancel the negative subroutine (it doesn’t look like it but I don’t wanna math)

Offset, yes.

Cancel, no.

The -Gun Damage is similar to -Critical Damage from Assault Rifles or Krieg’s Pain Is Power. Adds to a divisor instead of simply subtracting from the normal Gun Damge.

You could also look at it like Shield Recharge Delay or Reload Speed bonuses.