Subroutine problem?

Wondering if anyone has had a problem with the gun subroutines- specifically the melee one.
I don’t have a point in Rope-A-Derp and yet the melee subroutine triggers from time to time.
This started in the Hyperion Hub of Heroism.
It is annoying.

Do you mean the Meat Unicycle routine? That’s one of the 8 default packages (comes without spec’ing into it). Not popular at all here (don’t think anyone likes it)! I think it pops up more if you activate his action skill when shields or health are down. One thing I noticed is it pops up less often if you spec 1 point into Safety First (right hand tree – Fragmented Fragtrap). But, you were warned he could get “annoying” right?

Thanks for the info. That is quite helpful.
I think I have to start enjoying it then.
My Claptrap just got a Snowball grenade mod.
Next Meat Unicycle those suckers are going to start flying.