Subsystem Scripting

I’m trying to create a ship that when a fighter facility is built on it, it allows itself and all of my other ships to build fighters too. How can this be done?

So, essentially, you’re reproducing the effect of the Research module, just calling it by a different name.

Start by looking there, and if you need additional assistance, I’m here to help.

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@herobrine101902 did you figure it out?

For each ship/module in the build file, there is a ‘ShipSubSystrmRequired’ and ‘FleetSubSystemRequired’ (Honestly can’t remember what there called exactly) Bit self explanatory, but to do what you want, add the subsystem to the FleetSubSystemRequired and not the ShipSubSystemRequired .

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@radar3301, @shadowwinterknig, I have it now.

Below is an edited version of a build option.


Type = Ship,
ThingToBuild = “Kad_Swarmer”,
RequiredResearch = “FighterDrive”,
–RequiredShipSubSystems = “FighterProduction”,
RequiredFleetSubSystems = “FighterProduction”,
DisplayPriority = 2,
DisplayedName = “Swarmer”,
Description = “Swarmer”,


I crossed out the RequiredShipSubSystems. This new option should allow me to build a kad_swarmer from any of my builder ships.