Subsystem Shared model workaround


I recently discovered a strange workaround for the subsystem shared model feature in HWRM, that may have been present in HW2classic. Basically, the game throws up an error if you attempt to use the loadsharedmodel feature like you would in a ship if you place the line into a subsystem file. The lack of this functionality seemed weird to me.

Today, I accidentally discovered that the feature does in fact work. The engine will properly load a substitute HOD when asked to in the .subs file, but will also search for a .hod in the subsystem’s directory. I got around this by simply placing tiny dummy subsystems in each folder that uses the loadsharedsubsystem command to save memory from needing to duplicate large models.

Since the engine already has this capability, it would be nice (and hopefully quite easy for them) if this workaround was not necessary.