Subsystems show as either 2D (Flat) or as long sparkles in-game

I created a new ship. I added the various Weapon and Hardpoint joints to the hod, but in-game the various subsystems (all proven on other ships) are represented as either flat and 2-dimensional or only by long sparkling lines. I have tried everything, including re-importing the obj file into the ship hod, but I cannot get the subsystems to be represented in 3-dimensions. Has anyone run into this ideosycratic behavior before? More importantly, does anyone have an idea of what I am missing here and how I might correct this difficulty?

That sounds like strange behaviour… Can you post a screenshot?

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The following screenshots are of what is supposed to be an ellipsoid object, but now flattened.

From the side…


From the other side.

The sparklings of the other subsystems (which are not visible in screenshots) are, I suspect, similarly flattened navlights.

I think it is not the subsystems themselves as they have been used successfully on other ships, yet some of the subsystems on this same ship have rendered normally.

I think it is nlips. We had this problem with the Taiidan Republic destroyer. @radar3301 found the solution. I think it was to disable nlips on the whole ship…

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I will try that. I am assuming that you mean disabling the nlips via the .ship file.

I disabled the nlips in both the .ship and .subs files, yet nothing changes.

I have also reoriented the Hardpoints, but that only skews the 2D image that represents the subsystem.

I am quite perplexed.

Only one of the affected Hardpoints seems to produce the 2-dimensional image; no matter what subsystem is placed there, the subsystem shows, only flattened. All of the other Hardpoints only show as lines of tiny sparkles… which looks like those might be 1-dimensional representations of the associated subsystems that are placed there.

no, NLIPS won’t have that sort of effect unless you put in a really weird value, and even then, it’s a uniform scaling. It sounds like some of your joint values are messed up. If even generic subsystems (i.e. a carrier production or systems subsystem) are messed up, then I would definitely take another look at the values you have for scale within the joints.

Having them render as lines leads me to believe this is the case.

Although, i would have to say that would be quite the surprise: I thought joint scaling had been disabled/deprecated in Remastered…

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The scaling was all set to 1. Everything appeared to be quite normal. However, that said, I deleted and then recreated the Production_Hardpoints in CFHodRMEd using the Add Template method (I had previously added them by hand; as is - or was my normal method) and “Presto!”, all of the affected subsystems now present as quite standard 3D objects in-game.

Some time ago I had another single subsystem (destroyer_armour: acquired from another mod) behave in this very same manner on every ship to which it was attached. I am going to review that as well to see if I may see similar results.

@Dom2 @radar3301: I appreciate all of your suggestions as well as your time and effort in helping this determined, but inexperienced fledgling. :slight_smile:


Like I said, I believe joint scaling was deprecated with RM. However, it may have had something to do with the Rest/Direction/etc child joints, but I haven’t experimented around enough with trying to break things… Rather, I just know what “works” and don’t stray from that. :joy:

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To be quite honest; in this case I am working in HW2. :open_mouth:

Are there any HW2 Forums left with the expert representation of talent that this forum has?

No. The RelicNews Forums contained all those people, but they shut down servers a while ago. Most of that talent migrated here after Remastered was announced, or they disappeared.

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I thought not. If my posts are in any way not welcome, considering that I have as yet not graduated to HWR, please let me know. I am attempting to finish a mod that I began (and abandoned) in 2006-2008. I never asked for help back then, but have some of the Relic Forums backed up in HTML to assist me. This forum (and the knowledgable people on it) has helped me a great deal. Again, if my questions/posts are not appropriate, please let me know as I do respect your opinion and those of all the posters here.

I think HW2 topics are fine here. It is the “Homeworld Remastered Collection” forum after all, and that includes HW2 and HW1, not just HWRM.

Relicnews was very useful. Would you consider sharing your html backups of relicnews? Maybe they could be hosted somewhere for others’ use as well…

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I would be delighted to share everything I have. Of course, I would have to collect them from amongst all the other pages I have downloaded in reference to HW1, HW2 & HWR, but that would just help me to organize.

What do you suggest would be the best way to share them?

@radar3301 As you can see [below] I have been collecting pages and mods for two decades.

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Holy stars!

I would love to see which mods you’ve collected! And tools.

Let me check my hosting provider…


@gilligan_f, @Dom2
Um, wow. :astonished:

Apparently… I have unlimited bandwidth and roughly 950 GB space… That’s… a bit more than I was expecting.


I have so much: I have no idea where I’d begin.

What do you guys think?

Out of curiosity; are there any tools or mods that have gone missing over the years? I can see if I have them.