Subtitles for In-Game Cut Scene Intros Badly Positioned

Most of the time, the subtitles for in-game dialogue appear in the usual place. During character intro cut-scenes in story missions, though, the text is dropped to the bottom of the screen. Since the font baseline is positioned exactly at the bottom of the screen, the descenders on all characters are cut off. I don’t really need the sub-titles, and it’s possible to figure it out, but it’s weird. This is on a 32" 1080p screen.

You can adjust the position of the HUD elements in the options menu. Not specifically where the show but how far into and out of the screen the sit.

Don’t know if that would help? I’ll try it, but it’s not the HUD elements that are the problem. It’s only subtitles during in-game character intro cut scenes. The subtitles during the prologue 2D animation, for example, are fine, as are those for character dialogue during actual game-play. (Eg. Geoff, Kleese, Nova, etc.)