Success exporting a ship

Managed to export one of my new BrickSpace ships into HWR finally, using 3dsMax and Hodor. I hijacked the Turanic Carrier rig for it.

This is not a BrickSpace mod thread, I’ll post that at a later time when I have some worthwhile material. But I didn’t feel like hijacking EJ’s thread, so feel free to make this an “i exported a ship!” thread. :slight_smile:


I’d give you a hug but that’s creepy and probably physically impossible. Still, great work man!!! How’re you feeing about how it looks and such? Did you get the badge or thrusters working? I’m busy until pretty late tonight, but I may be able to give you a boost if you’re around later.


Haha, thanks! I’m about to sign off for the night unfortunately, but I have not tried the badge or thruster shaders yet!

No issues with mirrored normals like EJ had initially, and those god rays coming through the fins holding up the spoiler look absolutely ace!

I’m also not sure what I did differently from earlier when hodor kept crashing on me. shrugs Though I did follow your instructions about unchecking the single matrix box.

learn the difference between import and export please.


There are less rude ways you could have said this. Please exercise those ways next time.

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I am stoked that sastrei was able to export a DAE from Max that worked great in HODOR. With any luck he’s far from the last one to do so! Next up, people making crazy new materials! :wink:

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Haha I did a double take on that ship when I noticed that it was a BrickSpace ship! I have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with BrickSpace and has like a bazillion models of ships, mechs, etc.

OOOH imagine if you’d replace every hiigaran ship with a BrickSpace model. That’d be pretty epic. I can’t mod but I can make models. Would it be possible to make a plastic looking material in HW:R?

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LOVE IT!! LOVE it lots!

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Actually, if Sastrei wants to use making a ‘plastic’ shader as a ‘materials’ example - I’d be happy to help get that done! In that case, it should actually be possible to use the existing shaders to do this - but the example can cover DAE-based shader params, what you can/can’t (and shouldn’t) tweak, etc. So Sastrei gets prettier bricks, and everyone else gets a lesson in some of the new engine features…

@Sastrei - what do you think?


Works for me! :smiley:

Let me know what you need from my end. I’ll be happy to make the mesh and textures available.

Mostly we just need to chat/Skype/etc for a bit - when you have time (and access to your build/game). I’ll walk you through how a few things work, get it working for you - and then post a how-to (and the hopefully killer results) for everyone else to use as a reference for similar work! PM me info about when you’re available…


shader for plastic + ambient occlusion maps and parallax mapping for the brick studs?

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Just off the nearly 2 hour call with Sastrei - I’m sure he’ll share (as I will be very busy for the next few days).

One thing I forgot to tell him that others may enjoy:


This causes the background of your level to auto cycle every X (100 in this case) frames - it is a GREAT way to test your ship in a wide range of lighting conditions. I plan to add another param that lets you list the levels it cycles through - for now I think it’s just M01->M16?

Well - we did Plastic - and I explained how to do this stuff in the scripts and/or in the DAE - though I have some edits to HODOR to finish to make it really great. I didn’t go into too much detail about adding extra material maps (because that would require much larger edits) - nor parallax mapping (somebody will do it, won’t be me). It’s much more expensive than Normal maps - and these are already very expensive shaders :smile:


Idly comment on plastic material, Dev makes plastic materiel as example.

Epic. This bodes well, very well. :smile:

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Got collision meshes behaving themselves, got weapon joints pointing the right way from scratch, and remembered how to use the .events file.

Edit: Working on trails.

Edit: Trails update! Working, mostly.

Edit: Getting better at trails! First try. :smiley:


That’s really awesome work @sastrei; you had any issues with weapon shots not lining up with where you placed the markers? Mine are a small touch off.

If I may hijack…

Not my model but too cool not to try :smiley:

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Looks great, and thanks! Not sure what you mean by off, I have had orientation issues with the weapons joints, but that’s due to Max being reaaaaalllly picky about rotation transforms.

Double check where you are putting your _muzzle joint, that may be causing the issue. Also if your .events file doesn’t line up with your joint names, it’ll stuff the effect at the root of the ship.

Another thing to watch for is the location of the rotation transform, you may have to recenter the rotation pivot point or get weird alignments as well

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