Such Wait, Many Balanced

I fail to see any sign of balance in this game whatsoever… there is no excuse for me being the highest level (16) and every one else on my side is 9 or below and the enemies are 30+. What the flyin fuk?

Its not even ranked. So if its that bad the people should be shuffled before the match even starts.

Matchmaker my ass, the most OP thing in the game is the freakin wait time before a match. So much waiting. Wait to select character, wait to select one of two levels, wait to get a team, wait to enter match after team is selected, wait some more because someone left. And after all that waiting it cant balance the teams before it starts?

2016… i wouldve thought networking in games would be a given by now.

It matches based on your stats, not your command level. Gearbox said they use kill/death ratio, win/loss ratio and other stats to match you with people of the same general stats. Command level means nothing except time invested. If you lose its because the other team had a pre made group working together, which happens but in my many hours of PvP, doesn’t happen often. Your team also could have a horrible character matchup to theirs. If you have El Dragon, Atticus, Boulder and such against a team with Galillea, Rath, Ghalt, Oscar Mike, etc, you are at a severe disadvantage to begin with.

Then there’s always the chance that your team just plays like its a free for all team death match which doesn’t work in BB. Overall I’m finding my wins and losses to be about even when playing pubs, which is where it should be.


1.) Matchmaking is ELO based, similar to Smite matchmaking. Level is only a measure of how much you play.
2.) Wait times are in every MOBA game. Every one of them. There’s been times where I have 15 minute wait times before I even get into a lobby on Smite. Patience, dude.
3.) Networking is a very poor word to use for matchmaking. Call it something else, not networking.
4.) I also strongly dislike that allies and/or enemies can leave without penalty. There needs to be a deserter penalty so they have to either stay or deal with the penalty.
5.) If you’re getting your ass kicked, get a team. Helps a lot.


Then they need to have level 10 and below beginner matches so people can get a better average.

Once again, level means nothing. I came in as a level 1 kicking level 60’s asses. It’s ELO, not level.


It matches based on your stats, not your command level. Gearbox said they use kill/death ratio, win/loss ratio and other stats to match you with people of the same general stats.

This is the most BS thing I’ve ever heard. It simply isn’t true and you can see that quite clearly.

When you have a match where everyone on your team is around level 4-6 and the enemy team is a pre-made group of 40+. there is literally no chance in hell that your kill/death ratios, win/loss, etc are even close. None.

Unless their system is so horrible that if a newbie wins their first match, they now have a 100% win/loss record and are matched up directly with the best players in the game.

Once again, level means nothing. I came in as a level 1 kicking level 60’s asses. It’s ELO, not level.

No you didn’t. They objectively have gear that makes their stats flat-out better than yours. They have helix’s that give them an advantage. They have experience with how the game works and how the characters all work. There’s no chance you were beating a team of level 60s as a level 1.

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Sure about that? I sure was there when it happened, and have seen other players do it as well. Gear, I will agree, will be better if you are a higher level. But if you know how to play, then you’re straight. PS I played the beta, hence why I was a level 1 owning everyone.

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Gear’s got a pretty balanced dynamic to it - the less you spend on it, the more XP you can get off buildables, making gear with a higher cost and benefit only superior when everyone’s literally level 10.

Mutations are pretty 50-50, there are some which I’d definitely say they’re better than the rest of their line, but there’s plenty which aren’t, even downright worse.

They might not, that’s why the term “scrub” exists in gaming vernacular. :smiley: They also might have mostly preferred playing against the AI, and/or were long fans of more standard shooters that have trouble balancing the PvP aspects to the minions (hell, I’ve played League of Legends since some months after its release and I think I ain’t doing it right enough here either).

So I’d regard it as unlikely but believeable.

This game has a lot more to do with teamwork and skill then level and gear. The gear you can use has some small advantages to it, maybe enough to give you the edge against an evenly matched enemy, but it’s not near enough to make a character overpowered to the point where you destroy people just because you activated gear.

I’d really like to see videos of all the losses people are so upset about. I’d be willing to bet a majority of them are due to bad character match ups and bad teamwork. Yes, there are instances of 5 man pre made groups stomping people, but in my experience it’s not very common. Most of the time teams lose because they just don’t stick together and work as a team.

As another point, I don’t know if many have noticed but you get a good amount of Command and character XP even when you lose. This isn’t CoD where the winning team is getting 4x the amount the losers get. The winning team gets a bonus but you still get enough XP to where you could lose every match for a week straight and still level up in a steady, healthy manner.

Losing in a landslide sucks, I agree. It’s not fun to have a game run away like that, it’s frustrating. However, instead of blaming the game, take a look at your team composition and how they work together.

I’m not saying there aren’t some problems with matchmaking, but they aren’t near as severe as people make them out to be. My games have been pretty even as far as win/loss, close to a 1:1 ratio. I’ve had plenty of close games where we lost or won by very little. Blowouts happen but that’s why there’s a surrender option.

Name any character with a helix mutagen advantage. More often than not, your base helix upgrades are often either really good or flat out the best

Also, statistically speaking, gear often doesn’t make that big a difference aside from bonus effects provided by legendary gear which either high or low level players can acquire. And the limiter on legendary gear is that they cost 1800 shards. If you’re saving up to 1800 shards, then you’re not spending any of them on defenses. So you’re going to have a weaker defense overall AND you’re putting yourself behind on experience. By not building, you’re not getting experience earned via building.

Supposed low level players who you say have worse gear will be building which in turn gives them more experience. This allows them to level faster and get helix upgrades sooner.

The only thing I will say higher level players have is usually more in game knowledge from multiple matches.

Well, it’s not none. Galilea’s infamy probably has a lot to do with most of her helix mutations, ISIC’s Overcharged slow and Omega Strike slow mutations can be fairly nuts, and Oscar Mike’s assault rifle damage mutation is probably something you’ll usually prefer over movement speed or shield penetration.

But if Gearbox intended for mutations to be clearly better, they’d have definitely went about that poorly.