Sudden Big Jump in Guardian Rank Stats?

Was playing the Malayan Takedown with a Rando…

The guy was an Amara and was wrecking…

All of a sudden the game crashed and when I restarted, My Guardian rank was still at 212 which was where I was in game progress.

Buuuut… my stats were all different and my total amount of tokens cashed in was totally different. It now says I have cashed in approx 200 more tokens then I had at Guardian Rank 212

Stats like Luck and Vehicle Damage, which I had not specced, now had values,

I mean almost all my stats improved and this is to my advantage. And none of the stats are at Max 15% so it just doesn’t appear the guy was hacking. I mean why hack for a percentage point or two? Hackers go for the Max.


Did the crash somehow overlay the Amara players stats over mine?

Can this be fixed…or I just live with this “Christmas Bonus”??

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I’ve had things like this happen to me in the prior installments. Borderlands shenanigans! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This has happened to me as well, although I can’t trace it to a specific thing. GR is correct but I ended up with anywhere from 2–14% in stat boosts that I had intentionally kept at zero. My buddy says it may have to do with downloading someone else’s save, which I have done. I only noticed when I had to spend my next Guardian Rank, and above level 300, a lot happened since the last one, probably multiple crashes.

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my gr stats and bank got hurt when i simply downloaded my cloud save after my PS4Pro hard drive died to due a power outage. I think the cloud save that holds the GRanks and bank is in the “player settings” in ps4. I’m betting it’s similar in all platforms. Wonder if that universal location is prone to bugs when interacting with hcked accounts, like when you interact online?

In dark souls, if someone had hacked items and joined your game, it had the possibility to corrupt your game if you simply picked up something they dropped. it was so bad, that the devs put out a warning telling players to be wary of other players.

Well, now that I think about it, we both threw a couple of weapons that we weren’t using on the ground for each other to inspect and I do remember picking up one of his. Maybe that triggered it.


My XP is about to reward me with a new token.

I’ll report back what the effect is of applying it.

See if it just raises stats or also moves me to Guardian Rank 213.

Game plays fine and bonuses still kick in so it’s not a big concern I guess.

On The whole, I’m about 2-3% across-the-board better than what I was so it’s not like it’s making me godlike LOL.

And when I think about it, 200 tokens to get 2-3% better is almost Destiny like endless grinding. I think Gearbox took a cue from Bungie in this area😁.

I had this happen when loading game save files that I downloaded online. One of the game saves had a much higher Guardian Rank than me, and since starting the game with that file it now shows all of the things they’ve added token points in while my actual Guardian Rank is still at the same number it was before. It even unlocked Perks that I haven’t unlocked with my own characters yet, and according to my Guardian Rank I shouldn’t have unlocked yet.

This screenshot is a good example of what I see. (This is not my character)

You can see the Guardian Rank at bottom doesn’t match the stats and perks that have been unlocked. In my case, I’m up around Guardian Rank 240 or so, and I’ve put almost all of that into Enforcer and Hunter skills, but after downloading and running one game file it now shows 220 above Survivor and all Survivor perks have been unlocked and several skills are closed to maxed in it, while it still shows my old Guardian Rank of 240 at the bottom.

It makes me wonder how a single save file can change the Guardian Ranks when the Guardian Ranks aren’t supposed to be attached to individual characters but affect all characters created on the system the same.

OK… This is EXACTLY what happened.

My 31-year-old son was home for Christmas and I let him play on my character a bit just messing around on Christmas day after all the festivities. I was doing other things with the family. He downloaded a .sav file from a YouTuber to get a particular weapon he wanted to play around with.

When I mentioned what had happened to me in Borderlands 3 today he paused and then said: “I wonder if I screwed it up Pop.” Then told me about the save file…he deleted the weapon when he was done and I guess I haven’t paid any attention to Guardian Ranks till yesterday.

But this makes sense now as many have said a simple .sav file will affect Guardian Rank.

I guess I just live with it and thank him for the bonus lol.

I’m curious to know how they are going to fix this in the future.

I used to believe that the Guardian Rank was a single system tied to the game, not individual saves. Especially since Guardian Rank is the same for all characters, even new ones created on the same PC. But the fact that a .SAV file can alter the Guardian Ranking and unlocked perks opens up a whole new can of worms. Not sure how they can fix the ranking system without completely detaching it from the .SAV file. And even if they did that, how would such a fix effect users like you and me where the Guarding Ranks and token distribution do not match.

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I figured that the GR data was already detached from individual character .sav files and the info was contained in your account-wide profile.bin file, where bank info lives. Bad assumption on my part.

I guess I’m not really as good at this game as my GR bonuses would suggest given that my Vehicle Damage number is above zero. Wouldn’t have soloed the Raid without that… :wink:

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You know, the thought just occurred to me that now save game copying is a way to farm higher Guardian Ranks and perks. Just keep downloading, starting, quiting, and replacing saves until you have all of the stats maxed and perks unlocked.

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Exactly what will happen…if it isn’t already and we just have not been paying attention.

They can fix this by removing the dependence on .sav files and putting it back in the profile.sav where it should be.

But in this game…it is profile.sav while in BL2…it was a .bin file…profile.bin And maybe that is part of the problem.

The fix is to just zero all stats then take everyones XP and reward the correct amount of tokens based on their XP…then everyone resets their Rank stats which have been zeroed out.

Problem is…is total Game XP saved in the Profile.sav…or a character .sav?

Or do they even care…I mean a total boost of 15% in ALL stats is really…nothing to speak of. VERY little boost. Some of the perks are good but after you hit 75 in all the trees and a GR of 225…who really cares??

I used to have negative tokens available due to a glitch providing tokens without actually increasing my rank. When they applied a “fix” for it all it did was set my current tokens available back to 0 but kept my rank the same so I still have more tokens assigned than I have guardian rank levels.


When my XP earns me a token…

My guardian Rank goes up one.

So I just went from 212 to 213…as I should.

So I guess that part is still working.

To answer that question I will say this.

I’m getting Guardian Rank tokens on 3 characters right now. I would be more than a little pissed off if they took all of my Guardian Rank away and didn’t factor in the level and XP of every character I’m playing when determining what I should have. So it would have to be a cumulative total of all characters saves.

But that’s precisely where the problem lies. If it’s a cumulative of all character saves and I can copy someone elses game save to my game, then there’s really no way to patch it out. The only way they could patch it out would be to stop the ability to share game save files, which would also stop the only way you can farm certain items (Like Bekah, which I have both a 100% damage Rakk Attack and 250% damage on Phasegrasp version of) and stop your ability to backup your own save file. It may also break their cloud save system since that’s dependent on being able to copy and overwrite your local save file.

Yes, you will still continue to earn more tokens and go up higher in rank normally as if nothing has happened. You just have more skill bonuses and possibly unlocked perks than you should have.

Yup…that is what it appears…

It makes no sense the guardian rank registering to anything other than profile.sav. I think this was made on purpose to stop sharing of save files. Just need two players and some backuping to circunvent it anyway.