Sudden Exit From Game

Signed in and queued for Bots Battle. Just after getting a team but just before map choice, the game instantly exited to desktop and had to be restarted.

Just tried again and got through map voting, but one player was missing (and did not vote) and the “waiting for player” timed out before the premature “Victory!” screen.

Two failed match attempts in 5 minutes - not looking good right now.

Edit: Third full team and a player disconnected due to error.


I’ve gotten this error several times as well on PS4


Ditto. This was happening constantly last weekend. Had to log in 3-4 times before it would take (and an additional 2-3 times for my split-screen partner).

Sent in a support ticket on Tuesday with all the info I had. They asked for more specific info which I promised I would screenshot the next time it happened.

And it hasn’t happened to me since.

Which is great! But it doesn’t lend itself well to troubleshooting. :laughing:

Had the game crash twice yesterday.
Both times during the match. The screen would freeze and sound stutter for about 2 seconds before sending me back to XBox homepage.
First time, I could rejoin the match. I don’t know if I was the only one who got kicked since we were suddenly losing very badly (in bots battle).
Second time, it seems everyone crashed/left the match in the 2 minutes it take to relaunch the game since there was no option to rejoin and I got instantly matched with 2 solo players that were in that same match.

I thought at first that my console was acting up but after that second occurence, I’m not so sure… I hope it doesn’t become a frequent thing, that would really kill the game for me.

You can support it to GBX support, along with the match IDs if they’re showing in your history.