Sudden increase in hackers

Now, i do know that the next patch is supposed to contain the new Report option, but right now as things currently stand, there’s a lot of cheating going around and im getting tired of it.

So far in these past 2 days, i’ve encountered several Marquis players using aimbot. Now, i know that there is an actual Aimbot Assist option in the settings (Which needs to go ASAP.) but alot of these guys are doing way too good. There were even times when i would be up close to Marquis with a small character (AKA Oscar Mike and Shane during Tag Team.) and i get hit by every shot with the sniper rifle.
My last match with a Marquis (On my team.) ended with him going 36-0. No Marquis should ever be doing THAT good. Sure, the enemy team didn’t have any brains, but that’s no excuse for going 36-0 with a Sniper of all things.

Another issue i’ve been seeing is people who get instant criticals. No Lorrian Skill Spike, No Stable Executioner, and No Mag Daemon. People are just somehow getting criticals like wetwork and its not right. Many times i’ve been killed by characters like Orendi, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Marquis, & Thorn that have 100% accuracy and kill me 5-7 seconds with no skills.

And lastly this JUST happened before i came on here to rant, but i was playing Incursion on Overgrowth and in the last 30 seconds nearly our entire team died and our sentry got destroyed. We respawned right afterwords and held the line since we were winning by score. Once time was up, the enemy’s sentry came into view and when the results came up it said defeat with our Sentry’s health at 47 even though it was never touched. No minions got through, no players, yet the sentry somehow lost health.
A similar situation happened last night where i was in a Meltdown match and the enemy team was scoring points off OUR minions.
This is getting out of hand fast and something needs to be done.

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Collect names and pm them to gbx. They’ve said they are actively monitoring cheating so it won’t hurt to send them a list

Is there not a unique match ID shown in the match summary? Should be. And THAT would be super helpful to include, when talking to support. Just my $.02.

And neither do you for calling me out.

I can’t help but feel that you’re being victim to some of the mechanics that each of those classes have. It could be a result of hacking, but let me break it down anyway.

Marquis: Every third shot he does causes extra damage, with either the bonus happening on the second shot or increased bonus damage once he reaches Level 5.

Orendi: She has a Mutation at Level 3 (?) which causes her alt fire to home in at short distances.

Benedict: If the rocket fired from his Hawkeye ability hits you, all rockets fired after that will home in on you for a short time afterwards

Oscar Mike: One of the few characters that can aim down sights, plus he gets one of two different scope types at Level 3 I think it is, so scoring headshots is actually pretty easy with him

Thorn: Don’t know on that one. One of the few characters I’ve yet to play


OM is a God of headshots with that scope. Remember, he moves SLOW when ADS on the scope. Easier to counter with a dose of his own AoE medicine if he’s trying to plink. Get moving vertical AND horizontal if he’s trying to plink you, and if he still hits criticals consistently then it’s SUSPECT at best–some players are legitimately good enough to do it.

I’m not new at this game. I know what everybody does.

Not trying to toot my horn or anything but I can land multiple shots in a row at point blank range with marquis on just about every character minus a few (Melka, Deande, Thorn etc.) and sometimes I can even land my shots on them.

36 kills as marquis isn’t that unheard of for a 30 minute stomping ground.

Unless you are on PC I don’t think anybody is hacking. I’m not sure about PS4 though but on Xbox one hacking is almost non existent.

The aim assist is simply too good for a sniper rifle and some characters are so slow and/or big which makes it very easy to land every shot.

I know how you feel. When you’ve played a game enough, or played a lot of FPS games in general, you can tell the difference between normal, reasonable play and cheating/exploits. You can tell when a lousy player toggles cheats in desperate combat situations, which is what I experience the most–I’ve seen quite a bit of toggled speedhacking during last-ditch buzzer-beating Incursion wins. You can also tell the difference between a stable server and one that is struggling to keep up due to laggy players, by picking up on subtle rubber-banding and framerate dips.

When someone says they’ve witnessed cheating online, I typically give the observer the benefit of the doubt, not the suspected cheater. The cheater is innocent until proven guilty, yes, but he is a suspect. Furthermore, an extremely talented or dedicated player should accept the idea that he will always be a suspect, and be ready to prove his innocence.

It has been my experience that cheaters are some of the first to deny that cheating exists in a game. It’s a big part of the joy they get from deceiving others, and it prolongs the atmosphere of doubt that keeps them from getting caught.

That said, that Aim Assist option in settings should be auto-disabling for inputs that aren’t coming from a gamepad on PC. It was in one of the earliest patches. I imagine players could tamper with the game and force it to stay on, but if they’re that obsessed with winning, they’ll probably nab an actual hitscan aimbot.

Furthermore, if you’re on PC (and I assume you are), you might not be seeing an increase in the cheater population, per se–you’re just getting matched with them more often, because ELO-based matchmaking is currently disabled due to the low player count on that platform.


Benedict? Aimbot? Yeah right, all he has to do is lead his shots. It ain’t hard.

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No, strictly Xbox One.

I just want to chime in that the last time I checked it was impossible to JTAG an Xbox which means no aim bot.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there were some forms of USB mods or game breaking glitches but the amount of people who are hacking and playing battleborn on XB1 is either 0 or close to it.

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hacking is non-existent on ps4 as well

thing now is that peeps can use a mouse on xbox1 and ps4 which gives them HUGE advantages and can make it seem like they are cheating.

really need to completely separate mouse users and controller users at ALL times. If there is twitch aiming it isn’t even close.

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