Suddenly can not open Borderlands 2 any longer

Hi everyone. New to the forums. I have been enjoying Borderlands 2 a lot and have just reached level 50 with my Zero.

The game stopped opening today and I couldn’t play. The installer opens and the temporary game banner pops up after selecting to play from the installer, as usual. But afterwards the game tries and doesn’t succeed to open. I say tries because when I launched the game .exe directly as admin a black square came up but then closed. I have tried dropping all the settings as low as possible from the installer as I have heard the game can have issues with the more recent GPU’s. I have also tried verifying the game files from steam and doing a full reinstall from steam as well. It might be due to a windows 10 update, but I have also heard that the game is longer supported from windows 10.

Will there be a solution for this or is this the finale for my Zero.

The game was never officially supported on Windows 10 - the highest version at launch was Windows 7.

I would suggest seeing what changed with the last Windows update (as well as checking your current graphics card driver version). If there was a change to DirectX or your driver, maybe try rolling back to the previous version to see if it resolves the issue?

I have tried quite a few things but nothing is working, however the game is still working for another friend whom I have been playing this with. I can’t seem to solve this issue so I might try a restore point and hope that solves the issue, when I am free enough to commit to that decision. Thank you for your help still.