Suddenly enemies don't scale anymore

Sorry, if this belongs in the tech sub but I’m not really sure if this is even a bug or if I’m missing something.

So I’m currently rushing through story mode with my Moze and enemies seem to have completely stopped leveling and are stucked at 30.

First I thought this was because the Splinterlands have scaling issues anyway but now I’m already on Nekrotafeyo and the enemies are still Lv. 30. I am now lv. 36 without even doing any side quests.

From other characters I know that the enemies should be in the 40-42 range by now.

I only have this problem on my Moze all others are working fine.

Are you on NVHM? Because there’s talk that they don’t scale very well on that mode, and maybe you leveled a bit faster than the game is set to. Just a thought.

Yes, but like I said I know from my other characters that even on normal mode they should be way higher.

Like I’m seeing only lv.29-31 enemies since the end of Eden-6 (where I was underleveled). Like I said I’m even lacking behind in levels because if I would have done any side quests I would be around lv. 42-46 by now, and so would the enemies.

The only difference is that with other characters I was way overleveled because I did everything first but the enemies also went up to lv.40-44 in NVHM.

similar im 30 something and getting low level quests. like 7 -17 side quests. main quest is scaling though

@Traveller Are you talking about early side quest or late game side quest? In NVHM these are area restricted a level 2 side quest will stay level 2 even when you accept it at a higher level (unless you play TVHM or Mayhem).

My problem isn’t about enemies not scaling to my level but rather that the level progression of the story mode seems to have completely halted.

I was speedrunning a Fl4k and only fighting the bosses and areas where you were required to clear the enemies to continue. I was getting to be 6-8 levels under-leveled by the time I fought Gravewarden. But since reaching the splinter lands the level difference has dropped significantly when I ran past everything in Carnivora, and end up fighting the boss only 4 levels under. The scaling definitely gets a little wonky near the end of story.

early. decided to skip them on this character. guess that was a bad plan. behind the 8 ball now.

Then don’t accept them. Things do not scale to your level in standard NVHM. However if you beat the story, then activate Mayhem, everything in Mayhem scales to your level except rewards for already accepted side missions. However if you activate mayhem then accept that side quest it’s rewards will scale as long as you finish it while Mayhem is active.