Suggest a build?

Hi. I like Galilea, but I’m not great with her and it’s getting frustrating since they nerfed her last… can someone suggest a helix/gear build? She feels so easy to die in the beginning of the game…

Gear: blue LLC vest, Eldrid blue health regen, Eldrid purple dmg reduc


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A build nearly the same as the one above but I would suggest a 0 shard might help you more early game with getting that gear up as quickly as possible

The Helix options are identical as but I would suggest experimenting with 5M & 7R when you get more comfortable

Team fights and minions till 3
Then she can easily hold her own

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Don’t listen to hellyeah935. Invest in a health regen, green attack damage gear, and a blue vest from lllc

Hey man, I’m a Gali pro. Always listen to me.,1,1,0,-1,1,-1,0,1,1,

Usually run this & if you have the gear I use:

Purple regen + dmg reduction, atk speed + Hp, dmg reduction + dmg reduction

Basically all purple


I normally run all purps too but he’s saying he’s specifically running into issue early game

Oh… yea… if your healer isn’t healing then that can be an issue. I also find it annoying until I get to level 5 when our healer isn’t healing, most of my deaths if I do die is before lv 5

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Yeah that why I was suggesting the zero shard
I normally don’t run one unless I’m running an Econ support build or solo queuing
Gali has a lot more going for after the damage amp at 3

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I use a common hp Regen on my gally build. It is cheap to activate and can help early game and late game. Having the health Regen early outweighs the benefits of having 7 more late game in my opinion. Especially if you are taking Regen in her helix or have a reliable healer. Damage reduction can help give better returns on health Regen. Don’t underestimate her lifesteal on waves. If you damage amp a wave and build corruption fast enough you can get a surprising amount of health. Not enough to heal you but enough to sustain you through the wave at least. Don’t throw away your shield early game without a good reason.

I use zero point shield capacity shard, that hp regen rare that boosts regen when you have no shield and an AS item of choice. If feel that making the enemy invest more time in stripping your shield(s) and high gear regen to bridge the time in going back to fill health. I know you can say shield pen but really shield pen is an ass stat and only really effect Gailiea and no one else and even then she can still perform and she got you to waste a gear slot on shield pen (even if a flawed grey one) instead of a wrench or shard gen.

Learn to run. Seriously. Unless you have a pocket Miko, you should spend early levels only engaging in 1vs1 and AI mobs. Do this to earn levels as quick as possible. Galilea seems to be a focus magnet and literally draws all the fire from opposing players. Learn to get your shield up to offset some damage and retreat to heal station or base. You feel wimpy but better that than leaving your team without a teammate for 30-45 seconds.

Remember that in pvp 1vs1, you have the advantage against everyone except fully shielded/health Montana and too a lesser extent, Alani. Montana is too beefy and can outrace your damage and Alani is just plain stupid with damage plus heals so just run.

Your advantage lies in the shield throw stun, JUST DONT MISS! If you time the stun right, you can beat on them to the point that the drop in their hps makes them believe they need to run. That is when you know you have won as then you hit desecrate w/vortex (lvl1 mutation) which brings them right in front of you and finish the fight.

She looks like a tank, but her stats and early play say otherwise. Until you can level up, then she can become the unstoppable force which makes others cry.

They hotfixed stuff, but I can’t read if, does anyone know what it did?


Oh, Galilea. The legend of the Wraith of Bliss has continued to cast fear in the hearts of opponents. With this round of changes, our intent is to continue to tune Galilea more strongly into her role as territorial defender, still allowing her to be strong, but restricting where she can wield that strength. With these changes, Galilea players will need to focus more on maintaining Corruption, and will need to be more precise with the timing and use of Desecrate to gain her full advantage.

Corruption is getting an overhaul. The radius is shrinking, and we are doubling the amount of stacks Galilea has to gain to achieve the same bonus. It will take Galilea longer to get to the full benefit of Corruption, and she must be more diligent about staying in active combat to maintain those stacks.

We’re also changing the default benefit from Desecration from Damage Amplication to Slow. Galilea will still be strong within her Desecrate AoE, and will have more ability to use melee to hunt down foes. That should require more skill than the benefit from damage amplification which allowed her to close in and swing wildly close in for big spikes of damage.

Lastly of note, we like the fun of It’s Dangerous to Go Alone and the ability for Galilea to finish off ranged targets (especially in Story missions). However, we noticed many Galilea players exploiting this additional attack for more burst damage at close range. So, we’re reducing the amount of damage done by this skill at close range to make it less reliable as an augmentation for melee-range damage output.

Reduced the AoE of Corruption by 20%
Increased Corruption stacks from 20 to 40
Melee attacks gain 1 stack of Corruption
Skills gain 5 stacks of Corruption
DesecrateSlows enemies by default rather than applying Damage Amplification
Skill usage is no longer interrupted when pulled by Level 1 Mutation Vortex
Level 3 Right Helix Augment It’s Dangerous to Go Alone projectiles deal less damage at close range
Changed the functionality of Level 4 Mutation Bleak Quiet:

While standing in Desecrate, Galilea takes reduced damage. +30% Damage Reduction
Changed the functionality of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Last Light to scale Health Regeneration based on Corruption:

Health Regeneration now scales up as Corruption grows. Up to +21 Health Regeneration per Second
Reduced the reflect chance granted by Level 7 Left Helix Augment Mirror Knightfrom 35% to 25%
Changed the conditional on Level 7 Right Helix Augment Duelist:

Increases the damage of Galilea’s Greatsword attacks while in Desecrate. +18% Damage
Changed the functionality of Level 8 Left Helix Augment Inescapable Fate:

Enemies standing in Desecrate fields are weakened. -30% Damage Dealt
Changed the functionality of Level 8 Right Helix Augment The Black Wind Howls:

Enemies standing in Desecrate take additional damage from all sources. +8% Damage Amplification
Level 8 Mutation Blight Town increases the AoE ofDesecrate by 25% down from 50%