Suggest Petition Regarding Grinding Three Blue COMs to Get a Purple COM

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #1

By grinding 3 blue COMs normally, one has a chance at still getting a blue, but there is also a chance to get a purple COM in return. The moonstone grind is usually described as giving the “optimal grind”. However, regardless of you moonstone grind or grind normally, purple COMs will likely turn out with +5, +4, +3 as opposed to +5, +4, +4. Would it not make sense for the moonstone grind to guarantee a +5, +4, +4 COM? I’m just st thowing it out there as kinda a heads up to those who may want to grind them some purples, I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere yet.
EDIT: I apologize if the title has a spelling and/or grammar issue, the mobile site does not show the text when typing a name up.

(Thefaceofboe) #2

I always thought the “optimal” just meant you were guaranteed to get an upgraded to the next rarity.

(Meat Bicycle Slowly Reverting Back To Axton) #3

Well, that actually makes good sense. However, the moonstone grind not only has a guaranteed chance at the next rarity, it also has a fairly high chance of having a luneshine bonus. Clearly class mods cannot get said bonuses. However, I got a few +5, +4, +4s (seven every twenty normal grinds on average) from just a normal grind and about one every ten moonstone grinds. I did 200 grinds each, which is still a relatively small number, but I don’t have all the time in the world. Perhaps the moonstone grinds could have a higher chance at having a +5, +4, +4 than a normal grind, or at least a higher chance for them to show up via moonstone grinds.

(Zef) #4

It would be nic if moonstone gave you the best possible output. 5/4/3 coms and not getting luneshine can be annoying.

(Stoop) #5

I’d love to be able to grind COMs, but they are a little different than other gear; max-stat blue COMs are often (maybe even usually) a better choice than max stat purple ones, if you don’t care about the third skill, which is surprisingly often. That extra +1 on the primary skill is usually much more desirable than the other skill and slight stat increases on the purples.

What I would love is a way to get max stat COMs by moonstoning their grinds.


I agree. More often than not I’m reaching for a max stat blue over a purple. I tend to value the extra three points in the two skills that matter more to me. Although I’m finding that TPS is a huge improvement over BL2 in the way of great class mods where all three skills are useful, which makes purple a good option for balance if you can’t decide.