Suggested Change to Loadouts

Ok, I am absolutely loving this game in almost every way, I think it would do better to try and embrace the MOBA genre a little bit more, however. Now, the only MOBA I’ve really played is Smite, so perhaps I have a skewed perception of what a MOBA should be, but I feel that Battleborn is not reactive enough. Smite seems to me to thrive off of being able to react to what your opposing team is, particularly via items. I think that Battleborn’s loadout system can be altered ever so slightly in order to encourage more defensive or reactive gameplay. I think it would be a good idea to have players select their loadouts AFTER the enemy team is revealed in the pregame. Let me propose a few examples: I play Rath, so I am focused on dealing heavy damage to enemies so I can restore life. However, the opposing team has numerous shield-heavy heros, such as Reena and Kleese. It would be beneficial then to have an item like the De-Turtler, and other items for adding shield penetration in order to avoid being hosed as Rath. However, the De-Turtler is (in my opinion) not strong enough in the current meta to have in my loadout. Being able to select as I see the enemy team will help me work around this issue and not have to focus too excessively on the metagame. As another example, the opposing team is running aggressive CC, such as Galiea or Kelvin, characters with lots of stuns. It might be a good idea to have some items that reduce my CC time. However, as before, this is not necessity enough to run in my default loadout.

TL;DR - Change the order of the pre-game sequence so you choose your loadouts after seeing the enemy team to encourage reactive, in-depth gameplay.


I support this proposed change. Could their be any down sides though? Would people stop picking the ISIC and Kleese’s because of shield pen counter gear on every enemy, for example?

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This makes a lot of sense to me. If you build for shield penetration and your opposing team is all Eldrid you’ve wasted a slot. Sure, you could argue that’s more shards invested in buildables but some items are very situational and equipping them blindly is a bit risky.

That could be a possibility. Honestly, I can’t really think of any major downsides, given that something like the De-Turtler is a legendary item that not everyone will have. I think it might encourage Kleese and ISIC players to be more cautious, sure, but that could be argued for everyone.

To think that thought further there should also be a draft pick where you can counterpick,
right now its all about getting the better general picks in characters and items.

Also some Items like CC reduction are too far from being slot efficient in comparison to the normally used ones.

I think right now the game itself is just too oriented around the Metagame. Sure, meta is healthy for a game, but not to the degree that it feels like every other match is the exact same team. I like this idea because it still requires people to learn each character and their weaknesses, but if people can counterpick for popular characters without risk, I think it will encourage some greater diversity in the teams.

I wouldn’t complain about counter picking as an added option, but I don’t want it to replace what’s already in place. I like the fact that I pick my character based mostly on who I want to play rather than having to pick a very specific counter/role. I get that for other people that’s part of what makes it competitive and fun, but it’s not my cup of tea.

I think counterpicking could be somewhat effective, I suppose. I haven’t actually played any game with that feature, so I have no authority on that topic. I think it could be interesting for the game to like, reveal enemy player or something ridiculous like that, I don’t know.