Suggested changes for mayhem 4

With the new introduction of mayhem 4, I reset my missions and decided to play through the game from the ground up. I put my kit together and set out. I got about halfway through the game to reach sanctuary when I ran into an issue. I needed a better weapon for fire damage and I already had one. In my bank. On sanctuary. From that point forward I was struggling massively, especially at Tannis checking out the map, when an annoited smoked me lol. No biggie, it is part of the increased difficulty, but I had an answer I was unable to use. My fix would be to have a bank at the COV propaganda center you take over early on. You have a way to respec, but I think you should be able to have access to your bank once you unlock mayhem mode.

Another thing that would be less annoying is removing the ability to pick up ammunition that has dropped, that you automatically pick up anyways. It gets in the way of picking up dropped weapons and mods and has no reason to be able to pick up. It cracks me up when I try to pick up a gun and can’t because a grenade (not grenade mod) wants to be center of attention lol.


Facrhuggybear esq.


I really like this idea. When, I first reset my mission I ran into a similar problem. I had reset my missions without checking my backpack inventory. I had weapons I actually didn’t use much plus all my other class mods were back on the ship. It didn’t occur to me that I couldn’t get back there without progressing through the story first.

I like how they fixed that problem in bl2 with having your safe and secret stash accessible at Claptraps place after you’d gotten to a certain point (I think it was after you beat TVHM as well?)

I feel like there should be more respec stations in general throughout the different worlds. Especially before boss fights

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I disagree. You can fast travel to sanctuary at anytime if needed. Respec is a long term function of the game and it’s available whenever you need it. Even at the tutorial, if you don’t skip it.

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