Suggested Community Carnage Improvement

Assign the following point values:
Captain Traunt - 1
General Traunt - 10
Captain Haunt - 100

I would absolutely run Haunts to help the community. However, if its only worth 1, who in their right mind would spend the time?? I think I’m getting about 35* Captain Traunt kills per hour*

As it stands now, “we” will never hit the goal

*Switched to Save/Quit right after I see the XP go up ← which pains me to no end, leaving Eridium & cash just laying there

Edited to reflect the just shy of 50k kills the first day. I’ll spare everyone my super impressive maths skills and stick to my initial projection of… “we won’t make 500k in 7 days” however I look forward to being wrong!

I’m hitting Haunt. I have a couple characters that haven’t completed those Bloody Harvest challenges, so they start that mission with Maurice, run through Athenas to Captain Traunt, which usually nets enough ghosts for a shot at Haunt. The run to General Traunt doesn’t really produce enough ghosts for another shot at Haunt, so I just run that normally. Back to Sanctuary, restart, Maurice, and repeat: Captain, Haunt, General.


Props to your commitment

What makes you think so?

I made that comment before MentalMars added the note about “guestimating” a number instead of having actual SHiFT numbers. I’ll revise my estimate once we get some “real” day one numbers, you know at like, what, day 3 ??(I’d expect it to happen daily as it was supposed to).

For a “live community event”, the only thing working is, well, wait… nothing. I have no idea/confirmation that the 5+ hours I dumped into Traunt kills did anything.

I’d be a little surprised if they didn’t sort of watch these statistics via SHiFT in the background to set the goal at a value that might be attainable. We’ll see!

Indeed, I’d like to think that too. I haven’t played in several months but saw the event and wanted to help the community. I mean how many times do I really need to see Traunt spin around and his right arm laying on the ground… :nerd_face:

At wich GBX will probably magically make it look like the community did it…

Only reason to do this is getting people to play (and they picked a pretty popular farm)

But i’ll be farming D2:R instead of wasting time for some cosmetics wich they’ll just give out anyway.

Im really hoping theyll put a fast travel station in heck and let us run it like a takedown where you just have to do the entire thing from start to finish each farm session

I’m hoping that we’ll see an increase over the weekend, when most people have more time. Even with the new gen console, reloading on Captain, the fastest kill, takes a while. And to be honest, even watching a show while farming gets old. I can’t do more than an hour before I need to quit.

A more fun challenge would be, say, 800k Cartel mini bosses. For us console players, endless save/quitting is like wading through sludge.


I hear yah, that’s why I wanted more points for Captain Haunt. It would at least feel like actually playing the game.

It’s super boring/unfulfilling to run either Traunt for more than a couple of hours. In fact I spend more time looking at the Athenas loading screen than anything else.

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The part i don’t get here is spending time to “win” a new cosmetic? Not for me.

Raising the ghast call drop rate a bit on haunt would also be a way to entice more kills imo


Wish granted.

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Indeed… thank god for magic maths…

Speaking from a consoles point of view, less save / quitting would be great. If, for instance, the next goal was “Kill 1,000,000 Cartel mini-bosses” then I’d feel happier getting involved. There’d be less time sat at loading screens and plenty of fun ways to approach the challenge.