[Suggested Feature]: A Handful of Guns

Here we are again. Playing a game with a billion guns and we are all using the same few.

Trying out all the amazing guns that have been created gets lost. I am not suggesting, and never will that the top guns get nerfed. That is not fun and drives players away from the game.

But, how about buff events where low level guns get a temporary boost. This would be for purple, blue or greens which would make us go looking for the affected guns.

How about a Class Mod or Anointment that boosts Blue or Purple rarity guns.

This might make us put our Cutsmans down for five minutes and play with guns we have never tried before.

I’d love to here any ideas you guys have for these type of events/mods.

I think the solution to this is to have dedicated drops where the gun rarity, anointment and gun stats are the variable that changes more frequently than the loot pool.

I think this would open up a lot more weapons options, and make farming for loot a rewarding experience.

A good example, which I have used before, is in BL2 when farming for the Unkempt Harold. Many people want the DPUH, but within 30 mins or less you could get a variant that was more than useful - some people even preferred other variants, and then if you really wanted the DPUH you could just spend longer and the variant would turn up.

I would be up for that. A blue-boost or purp-power weekend! Maybe a 30% increase in damage?

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I really don’t understand the need for making playing the game a fun experience…


To hell with timed event, many guns in the game needs buff, especially with bullet sponge difficulties :s

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Well, as a follow up to this post. Well done again Gearbox. You have given us some great new guns in the DLC1. I have swapped my load-out around and feel like there are a bunch of guns that now hit the spot. I love the new ION Laser.

Thank you Gearbox.