Suggested krieg builds

I played up to 51 as a melee character. Are there any suggestions for melee play or gun/melee? Also would be interested in gun based builds. I looked at the builds but opinions and descriptions would be nice

I’m very new to Krieg, but I went the Bloodlust route rather than Mania to begin with. This put me at the capstone skill, Bloodsplosion, at level 31. After that point I went all the way down Mania until I could use Release the Beast as well at level 57 (I think).

For his weapons I went primarily explosive types, with a few other elements here and there for when the situation called for them. He is fantastic with the Kerblaster and Fastball. I used a Hornet and Bad Touch back and forth for corrosive. And I was lucky enough to have a shock infinity for most of my gameplay until now (he’s level 63). I’m super new to the melee style he has so I’m very much a newbie to that aspect. I haven’t decided on a final build for him, but I know it’ll be hybrid in some form or fashion. Mostly because I’m addicted to Bloodsplosion and it’s fun use. But I will say that if you experiment with guns, definitely look into his potential with explosive weaponry because he can wreck total face with them.


My own Krieg is going Bloodlust-Mania with a hybrid playstyle, this is my target endgame skill tree:
Which I think I’ll run with a Blister com. It’s pretty straightforward to play, go to town with guns, when you get at or below 33% of max health, pop Buzzaxe Rampage to get Release the Beast. I typically prefer to chuck axes at a distance rather than close into melee range, especially since I have Buzzaxe Bombardier, but I am not opposed to actually meleeing things that get up in my grill (do keep in mind the 12% chance to melee self though). Release the Beast ensures that, as long as I don’t go down during Buzzaxe Rampage or mis-time using it, it will always be up when I need it. This build also has an extremely easy time getting tons of grenade ammo to drop (100% chance for 1 per enemy from Bloodbath as long as I have killed something in the last 7 seconds), so you can spam nades like crazy too which goes hand-in-hand with Bloodsplosion’s effective AoE damage.

Here is a list of community Krieg builds. I definitely suggest you to check it out (some of the links might be broken). What i usually do is pick a build, and then tweak it to my liking.

If you are looking for more gun/melee oriented builds, you have plenty of options. You can either go with an explosive build, hellborn (focused on dots), or combination of both.

I’m currently swapping between melee/hybrid build which looks something like this.
It focuses on huge damage reduction via Numbed Nerves, Taste of Blood, RtB and possibly a shield while still dealing loads of damage. You are also able to swap between many different coms, without losing too much with this skill setup.

I’m still new to K, but i found that he’s one of the most versatile characters in the game. There are so many possibilities of how one can build him, while being so simple - no need to change your whole build for different encounters (raid bosses). It only depends on your playstyle.

For what it’s worth, the final build for my Krieg will be something like
He already has everything he wants at 65; Blood Overdrive and more points in Blood Twitch and Embrace the Pain are just a minor bonus.

Very easy simple play style - spray a Slagga to turn things purple, then Fastball a weak enemy and watch the Bloodsplosion. RtB is a backup heal in case he ever gets in trouble. Most of the time Thrill of the Kill keeps him at full health. I despise Silence the Voices, so “proper” melee builds are not for me. I mostly use a blue Crunch, but a Leg. Reaper should work well if I can ever find one.