Suggested Marquis Gear for PvE?

Given how squishy Marquis seems to have become, and the fact that you can easily get bum-rushed/spawn-camped by minions in certain story missions, what gear would you suggest for Marquis strictly for story mode? I’m not having too many problems when I can keep distance from the mobs, but that’s not always possible.

I use his legendary, a Veil Manipulator (really helps in-between mobs to heal), and a blue reload magazine. Depending on the mission, I’d swap the reload out for the Modernista instead. Are you playing him solo or with others? He’s not very good solo, especially on Advanced. He can more than hold his own with at least one other person to take the aggro though.

Was playing with one other (Phoebe), and we got our butts handed to us on Geoff’s third phase - way too many additional minions, couldn’t even get from the respawn to the drone station half the time. Did much better at the bridge between Henchman and Geoff, as it was much easier to maintain distance.

With Geoff, you have to take him down ASAP in his third phase by focusing on him. Make sure you have Bindleblast ready and an uninterrupted shot at him so he’ll take the full brunt of it. If you let the fight drag on, he’ll keep summoning minions. What I do is ask my teammates to take care of the minions while I throw out owls and focus on Geoff to take him down. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

I’d suggest attack speed, Vyn’s Quiver if you have it, and extra shield.

Pretty sure I have Vyn’s Quiver. The shield booster is one thing I don’t have too many of, although I know have green rarity versions. I was going with +health +health regen and the legendary recoil thing that gives short health regen on kill.

Got the first blast in, then ran afoul of the turret adds. We got one side turret-free but by then we had those rocket minion things on top of us, and the rest just kept swarming in.

Actually, a blue regen after 180 seconds, Vyn’s Quiver, and I’m assuming you’re talking about mag Daemon would be great together!

About geoff…

“The Eye, go for the Eye.”

I take health regen, attack speed + and reload speed (the one with extra health regen)

If it’s a level like the Algoritm, take your time and don’t rush.

Attack Geoff from far away and you should be good.

Before his nerfs I ran a…

  • Vow of Zealous Fury
  • Blue Eldrid Mag
  • Symbiotic Gauntlet

If played right he needed literally zero survivability for the first 6 missions. I’ve never played him on the Sabo or Heliophage, but I feel the last defense point on the Sabo and most of the Advanced Heliophage may be an exception. Especially now with his pretty severely decreased DPS and health between nerfing his base damage, passsive, health, attack speed gear, and attack damage gear.

But since the Symbiotic Gauntlet now boost max health it should basically make up for his loss in health. But he needs the DPS now more than ever as at least for me his survivability comes from his range and time to kill (though I haven’t played him since the last nerf).

Either way the Symbiotic Gauntlet is a must, and if you need more survivability go for a purple Eldrid mag and a purple LLC/Eldrid attack speed (although I highly suggest the VoZF).

P.S. I’m a Master of Marquis

OK, so suggestions are:

Legendaries I have are listed below; the one I was using was the Mini-Singularity Launcher. I’m currently thinking a low-cost shard generator, The Pacifier (attack damage, max shield strength) and … Codex Fragment or Vyn’s Quiver? Additional thoughts?

  • Blissbeast Skull Plate
  • Symbiotic Gauntlet
  • The Pacifier
  • Vow of Vengeance
  • Bola’s Target Finder
  • Codex Fragment
  • Mutated Magazines (Melka)
  • Veil Breaker
  • Vyn’s Quiver
  • Vampiric Vestment
  • Vigilance Link
  • Boots of the Brute
  • Mossire’s Mukluks
  • Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag
  • Symbiotic Spores
  • Vidania Root Poultice
  • Poor “M-Pulse” Controller
  • Vigilant Power Scouter
  • Quartermastery Bin
  • Veil Manipulator
  • Comeback King
  • UPR-SG12 “Wolfskin”
  • Borrowed Timer
  • Firmware Update 1.51C
  • Tactical Accelerator (OM)
  • Time Killer
  • Friction Fizz
  • Synthaline Tonic
  • Mini-Singularity Launcher
  • Bunker Buster

Personally, I’m just extremely biased towards Vyn’s Quiver. More than a normal items regen, and good reload.

Just tried again solo using Pacifier and Vyn’s Quiver, and did not feel anywhere near as squishy. Got a far as 3rd wave of Geoff, but I fumbled a couple of things and came undone (advanced hardcore). Definitely felt better than the previous build/loadout though.

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Not sure why everyone is suggesting so many mediocre legendaries in here. Honestly, the only thing Marquis needs for PvE is attack damage, crit damage, and either attack speed or reload speed. You should be engaging from far enough away that aggro and damage isn’t an issue. A great basic loadout for him would be Epic Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft (AD+AS), Epic Eviscerating Optical Implant (Crit+AS), and Epic Exploiting Retracting Wrist Blade (AS + Crit). Just crazy DPS, and it costs less than two legendaries. I believe that was my exact loadout for this run of Advanced Heliophage:

Veil Manipulator is an awful piece of gear on anyone. 1800 shards for shard gen, skill damage (which Marquis doesn’t need), and a pathetic 4.2 health regen if you have a bunch of shards in your pocket. The first two buffs are borderline useless on Marquis. If you really wanted health regen, just run Survivor’s Regrowth Serum and get a flat 11.2 health regen after staying alive for a while, which is super easy as Marquis in PvE as long as you don’t try to bumrush as a sniper. Better yet, take Enraging Artificial Vitae and get 7 hp/s and an AD buff.

Vyn’s Quiver is terribad on Marquis, because his gun has so few bullets. At best, you can get +3.5 hp/s from the legendary effect (reloading with 5/6), but you burn through his magazine so fast that you’ll never actually benefit from it.

Codex Fragment is actually totally useless on Marquis, because he isn’t a skill damager. Pacifier is pretty bad for him because you are a single-target attacker, and you shouldn’t be taking much damage in the first place. His lore legendary seems juicy at first, but his ult is pretty underwhelming unless you have a large group of enemies to fire it into (and even then, it will only kill lesser enemies from full, anything bigger than a Thrall Gunner is just going to shrug it off).

Of the legendaries you own, the only ones I would remotely consider putting on Marquis are Symbiotic Gauntlet
and maybe Mini-Singularity Launcher if you have problems landing headshots. The only one I would actually take myself would be Symbiotic Gauntlet, but I dislike having expensive loadouts, because a Thumper Turret is going to provide more utility than any Legendary buff over a comparable Epic would.

symbiotic gauntlet instead of vow of vengeance, vow of vengeance is for melee characters and stacks fade after a few seconds, symbiotic gauntlet is based off of the percentage of max life you have.

vyn’s quiver is useful as well because of the regen

and for the last i’d say go with how your playstyle is

His ult should be used at a far distance. It can then deal insane levels of damage. But much more importantly (as I assume you knew what you’re doing and apologize if my previous comment made it sound like I didn’t), he said he felt too squishy. So he did not need damage, but health or shield.

It’s my opinion that being squishy in PvE is a problem better solved by playstyle than by gear, as an extra 200 shield, 400 health, or 11 hp/sec regen isn’t going to do much when Scaven are doing 2k DPS and Brutes are spamming 500 damage nades every second. However, if OP is looking for good survivability gear that is workable on Marquis, then in terms of “cheap” gear, he’s looking for Enraging Cellular Condenser (HP+AD) or Enraging Artificial Vitae (Regen+AD). Also an option are Bolstering Duelist Glove (AD+Shield), Bolstering Dapper Monocle (Crit+Shield), and Bolstering Ostentatious Saber (AS+Shield), but 98 shield is honestly quite meh unless you are stacking it. While it won’t really be worth it in most runs, I find that Survivor’s Regrowth Serum is a boon for solo hardcore runs of any level with any character, as you naturally are playing more defensively, and an extra 11.2 hp/s regen means you can quickly get health back up when you clear an area or lose aggro.

I’m interested in how you’d handle the third phase of Geoff solo this way. Yes, you can get far enough away from Geoff, but then you seem to spend more time fending off minions than hitting the prime target. Here’s the situation:

  • Complete the last gas valve
  • Run outside - Geoff at this point has landed with his back to you (so firing ult immediately is a bit of a waste)
  • ???

This is an honest question, btw - I managed to get through everything else by engaging from range, but this specific stage is eluding me right now.

I’ll always start by shooting his leg joint or back thruster (crit spots) while strafing towards the original shard pads, for as long as he gives me before spawning turrets. If RNG decides that he’s going to spawn adds, then I’ll make my way all the way to the far end. I’ll prioritize the turrets he spawns first, since taking them out seems to make him stop spawning adds faster. If I’m solo, I’ll take down Boom Bots or Rocketeers as they spawn, but I’ll just ignore the tiny things until they get close since they aren’t really that big a deal. If I’m not solo, then taking down the turrets has made it safer for my teammates, and whoever doesn’t have aggro is engaging Geoff while the rest of us prioritize rocketeers. If enough tiny minions get clustered together, I’ll drop either a damaging temporal distortion or my ult on them. After a while, Geoff will stop spawning adds, or have a large break in-between waves, during which I’ll either snipe the head or move to where I can snipe the leg joints (if he’s not facing directly at me).

Rocketeers and unchecked Boom Bots are your only real concern as a ranged character in this fight. Fortunately, Rocketeers are fairly easy to take out as Marquis, especially solo. If a Boom Bot gets close, just slap it for a stagger and interrupt to the detonation sequence (also, any skill damage will be an instakill). Both are easy to detect while fighting Geoff, as Rocketeers are the only large dot on the minimap, and Boom Bots are the only small dot that moves that fast, and they telegraph their detonation (which you can then interrupt).

Also, on a single target, your Ult is a substantial DPS downgrade over your primary weapon (especially if you are landing crits with decent consistency). It’s only really useful for clearing groups. So make sure to save it for when there are a cluster of enemies.

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OK, this alone will help! I had been working under the false impression only his head had a crit spot. The advice on Boom Bots was also helpful.

I’ve been trying to save ult for shots on Geoff (or turrets) generally; it’s the crowd control aspect that’s been most frustrating. Am I right in thinking that primary weapon deals more damage while ADS (sniper mode) rather than hip-fire (pistol mode)?

Yeah, ADS is a sniper with more damage and a slower rate of fire. It’s got higher DPS than the pistol, especially factoring in reload.