Suggested New feature to borderlands 3 Lootnado!

Lootnado? Gunnado? It’s a tornado you jump into and grab as much guns/grenades/shields as you can before you get thrown out and go into second wind. It be nice if this blew through the dust or open ground for a ridiculously cool feature for borderlands 3

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I believe they already have a gun that just shoots out guns

Yea but this is like an event like in Borderlands 2 in the dust a caravan came through every so often. Just imagine a tornado carrying loot through open ground and a badass Vault Hunter jumps through and gets sick loot every so often. Jumping through a tornado and surviving would be badass to Pandoran standard

Title edited to avoid confusion.

If any game can have weird stuff thrown into it “just because”, it’s this one.

I liked the re-occuring sand storms in Mad Max, maybe add a feature like that to BL3.

Each planet could have sporadic geological events where Vault Hunters can go to fight unique enemies (like Midgets reskinned as Mole Men who crawl out of fissures) or simply brave the hazards to collect loot that only spawns in those places.