Suggested new uses for money and/or eridium

Feel free to add your own proposal. Mine are:

  1. Level up an existing item in exchange for money/eridium.

It’s frustrating to re-farm an almost perfect weapon after each level cap increase.

  1. Re-roll weapon parts to improve it (if you are lucky) in exchange for money/eridium.

For example, lets suppose you have a good weapon but no zoom on it’s scope. You could replace that scope for another randomly generated one.

  1. In a similar way, re-roll annointments and type of damage
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games like destiny do offer level up as a mechanic, it costs currency and for high end gear two of them ( i havent played destiny 2 since its second dlc…)
to make eridium and cash work the same way would be cool, it also consumes a weapon of the same class ( legendary gear needs you to destroy legendary gear to gain the currency

so seeing as that rly does make gear work nicely i think this could be cool

having a big price to upgrade gear would make the game so much better with some things

a weakness the bl games always had was getting an early asf legendary weapon or whatever, and its like this super duper god roll, <.<
you can chuck it actually cuz
you cant bring an annointment to it
cant keep it ( destiny 2 lets you keep it and upgrade till you dont want it anymore it helps so much with event gear)
if you grind optimal gear and keep it upgraded you have the chance to enjopy grinding a character to max lvl and then go to the perfecting part waaay better

all you do is building up to it, and then thinkng, yes the 30 ish hours i spend just now where totaly worth it, cuz i can keep all the amazing gear i got, lvl it up, do sidequests like a normal human ( cuz you cant get some quest rewards still… mostly dlc but even base game)
you feel like the lucky good drop was worth something

does this elliminate grind? nope, you still need resources, still need to reroll with resources annoints and spend alot of time to get it good

but imagine having cash for upgrades pure lvl increase
10 eridium per mayhem lvl + cash for mayhem lvl increase
250 eridium for annoint reroll

suddenly you rly need ALOT of resources

other things could be making eridium a little bit like faust hat from dmc 5
explanation, give me an annoint thats special and only drops from proving grounds chests
( make proving grounds chests drop ANY weapon no matter what kind)
and then ur weapon gains an effect special to the proving ground you got it from

example survival : on reload consume per ammo 1 erridium gain 12% lifesteal
kills wih this gun have a chance of increased eridium drops ( 5%)

so you can get a shitload of eridium or not, you can get a special skill on the gun through proving grounds

strength could give per reload a 20% increase in gun damage
same killskill

you could do this special skill effect with any and all repeatable content so its worth going through them
it also makes eridium effectivly a source of damage ( could be lore wise tied to slag and how that increased dmg on slagged enemies)

also these special skills should apply to any gear dropping from proving grounds chests ( also maybe the last boss)

another thing could be spennding eridium and adding askillpoint to classmods
or damn me
add an annointment to an artifact