[SUGGESTION] Ability to Remove Scope from Weapons


(This post has been edited a ton at this point, I will keep the old post under a long ___ line, the most important to read is the section above this line, rest will be kept if anyone wants to read it.)

Why This Post Was Made

I do not like scopes, and that something like a scope can be such a decider on wether I like a weapon or not, even if all the other stats on it are amazing, is really just frustrating.
Whereas all other parts just give various statbonuses, scopes change the way a weapon is used, and in my case severely makes my enjoyment in using the weapon suffer.
Having to farm for a new weapon just because I do not enjoy using scopes is really just a huge downer.
And so, please let us remove scopes, in the below quote box I have listed three options in varying degrees of awesomeness, no matter which option you choose to do, it would make me very happy. Choosing a better option just makes me even happier.

First option: Allow removal of scopes on weapons that can naturally drop without one. If doing this leaves you with nothing to aim with, though I’m pretty sure they still have iron sights, but if not then allow replacing the scope with iron sights on compatible weapons, an example of this is the SkekSil.
Second Option: Allow changing between all the different scope/sight options that all weapons can naturally drop with. Wether or not the stats change would depend on if the sights/scopes have different stats, or if they are all the same. And also on you, ultimately your decision if stats will change. Would be a cool little bonus though.
Third Option: And also the best one, practically me just dreaming, just know I will love you even more if this one gets picked. Allow changing to any sight or scope on any weapon, including ones that do not naturally spawn with them, with limits, all is described below.

To further explain my thinking in the third option, I’m going to use SkekSil as an example.
I know SkekSil can drop with and without Scope, I don’t know about RDS/Holosight but lets, for the sake of explaining, pretend that the SkekSil can not drop with RDS/Holosight, only scope or Iron Sight. Seeing as it can drop with a scope, it already has the rail, so possibility to attach RDS and Holosights is already on the weapon so wouldn’t need much, if any, changes to its model, or the rails model. Now, even if SkekSil already can drop with RDS/Holosight, just apply this logic to other weapons instead, within limits.
This limit being for weapons that are unique in appearance, and have their own unique sight/scope style, most, if not all Rocket Launchers have unique scopes/sights, so these are not included in the pool of weapons to get the treatment explained above. You would instead be able to switch between the scopes they can naturally drop with.
Same goes for weapons with a unique appearance where RDS/Holosights would just look stupid. Example for this would be The Lob, and the weapons that share its appearance(?). These are more unique in overall appearance and the sight it can spawn with can’t be seen on any other weapons afaik. This goes for all weapons with these more unique appearances.
Basically, if a Holosight/Red Dot Sight could be fitted onto the weapon without it looking stupid, and tons of remodeling work, then its included.
Sniper Rifles would be nice if it got some treatment for removing scopes on them, by either designing red dot sights,holosights and/or Iron Sights unique to snipers, so you can play with Sniper Rifles without the Sniper Scope. :stuck_out_tongue:
That would just be a bonus though, figured I would at least mention it, just to have it on the table, what you do with it is entirely up to you.


TL;DR: Allow us to remove scopes on weapons so we can just use iron sights, would love you forever if you also make it possible to do this on sniper rifles. If weapon already supports it, also allow switching putting on Holosights and Red Dot Sights and we’ll be buds, or anything you want for life. Snipers are not entirely necessary, I will just not use them, but I would, again, love you forever. Even if only iron sights for snipers, though possiblity for the other two would be appreciated.

TL;DR Bonus
As an extra bonus that would extremely welcomed, allow us to adjust the zoom level by ourselves, no zoom at all, just move the weapon to the proper position for shooting that type of weapon? 1.2x zoom? 0.5x zoom? whatever we want, but capped to whatever that particular scopes zoom level is currently. As an example, if you drop a Sniper rifle with 8.0x Zoom, then 8.0x Zoom is max you can go on that sniper. Also, maybe sniper would still be required to have a minimum zoom if using sniper scope, only able to go lower if you decide to include being able to put red dot/holo/iron sights on them…

There were rumors that we’d be able to change out parts of weapons, but I don’t remember seeing anything that suggests it to be true, other than the fact that we can inspect parts and see their stats.
Now, I would of course absolutely LOVE this, especially so if there are many parts, with different grades from white to orange and uniques with more unique effects to farm for, and of course in any new rarities that come out, if any. (Was Pearlescent weapons in BL2 from the beginning? I can’t remember lol.)
Not to mention it would be fun to farm for parts to make your favourite weapons look the way you want them to, especially so if there’s unique parts with very different appearance!

With my rambling about something I’d love in addition all taken care of…

There are ways to remove scopes already, even on snipers, though for one, there’s nothing left on top if you do, as in, no iron sights or anything to help with aiming, even if you could, because yes, removing scope disables aiming down sights completely, right click does nothing.
I would however love an easier, more official way to do so, it would be cleaner and possibly also better depending on how its implemented.
Wether this removes stats or something I honestly don’t care about, if I can remove scopes on all weapons I’d have many more weapon options that I’d enjoy using. :slight_smile:
Though if other sights have stats already then just use those lol. While I so badly want this feature that I’d intentionally gimp my character, if the other sights have stats as well I see no point removing the stats just because the player decided to remove scope. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Especially if it is a weapon that CAN roll without a sight i.e Lucian’s Call

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Assuming the “Change out parts” never happens, because I’ve only ever seen it mentioned by YouTubers making rumors to get clicks, then you would be removing an element of farming.

Get a perfect gun with a bad scope? Well then it isn’t perfect. It’s no different than getting a perfect gun with a bad grip, element, or any other part. It’s part of the game. Why lessen the experience?

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I do see what you mean, but for the scope to be one of my personal determining factors in wether a weapon is good or bad is really just frustrating, when there’s as many random factors as there are in some weapons.

EDIT(ed again: Scopes/Sights, or at least most scopes (haven’t checked all of course) have NO stats on them, other than the zoom, makes me feel like being able to freely remove scopes, or if they really want to bless us with something cool, change scopes however we want, would just be a very nice addition to the game.
Being to completely adjust zoom level would be a huge bonus.
Added: A part of sniper scopes add stats, if choosing not to use scope, remove or better yet change this bonus to something else, or use the stats that the sight already has, like if holosights have stats then use those stats, if iron sight has stats then use that, and of course the same for RDS.

About your comment about Grip, grips don’t make the weapon any different to use, it just sways a little less or whatever it is they do. Scopes zoom in, obstruct view, and makes your mouse sensitivity a factor in how well you’re aiming while using it, depending on zoom level.

I’m not really asking to lessen the farming experience, but I really do not think the scope is needed to be a determining factor on if a weapon is good or bad, there’s enough factors even if you exclude them.
I am not sure if scopes actually gives stats, but if they do, remove said bonus, add a penalty and add a bonus somewhere else, likely Charging Rate and something for weapons that don’t charge, fire rate doesn’t quite make sense, but would be fine to, and this is mostly for weapons with high zoom scopes installed. Weapons with holosight or red dot sight don’t really need any stat changes as the zoom differences isn’t that high. (But if we could set our desire zoom level that’d be awesome. And if stats changes based on what you pick, that’s fine.
Or just remove bonuses and add a penalty, no bonuses.

About the changing out parts, yeah, its just a rumor, basically started by youtuber after seeing you can inspect parts and see stats.
It would be absolutely awesome though. Would be a really fun way of farming to upgrade your favourite weapons, and personalize them more.

Yep, absolutely so in this case. I would love however if it was possible to remove from all, but that is more so a (extremely) huge bonus.

In past games most scopes didn’t add stats, there were a few exceptions. Grips however do more for the gun than scopes do. Different grips provide different stats and matching manufacturer parts add bonus stats. So all parts matter and are vital for farming.

I edited my post regarding scope stats, basically the Scope part that adds Zoom does not add stats, but there is a second (or more) part of the scope that do add stat bonuses, will end the post with how this could be handled, though I’ve basically stated this many times already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I must have lost you somewhere, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:
You say grips do more yet don’t feel like allowing for, at the players choice, remove scope?
That sounds to me like more of a reason to allow us to change (with limits, better)/remove (fine) what sights/scopes we use?

This would be a choice, no matter if they nerf the stat bonus the scope part gave, change it to something more fitting, or use the stats on existing no zoom/low zoom scope parts if they have stats.
Or, yes, just remove the stats entirely, the player takes the stat bonus loss in exchange for being able to use the zoom level you want to use, would be weird if this is what they did though.

The scope is not like the Grip, which doesn’t in any way affect your enjoyment of the weapon, it could be the determining factor on if the weapon is good or not yes, but its the fact that I can get a weapon with great stats that I don’t want to use, all because it has a scope, that’s my problem with the scopes.

There’s been quite a few discussions on weapon part customization, and it meets mixed reviews among players. I’m all for it, if it requires grinding and enough eridium to make players choose wisely.


this… the thing most people are against is that making your own god tier items (or assembling them) will beat any incentive for farming…

but then again, this is the internet… you can’t throw out an idea and not have it shot down through bias :sweat_smile:

yesterday i made a topic about anoying enemies not being difficult and got a reply that difficult enemies are supposed to be anoying :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
not going to continue on that topic anymore hahaha that allone proves to me that some things are better left unsaid :wink:

but on this topic however, people are pretty equaly devided i think.

i’m more in the center of this thing… i realy want GB to expand on the parts thing but like you said, keep the grind in there (maybe have people destroy a weapon and keep 1 part and the rest gets lost?)
offcourse it shouldn’t be easy to get the best weapons, but the argument of “then everybody can create god tier items” is just so… boring…
an item that is god tier for ME can be a piece of trash for YOU :smiley: there’s just so much random things that can roll on a single item…

just look at D3? they did it? and limited it to 2? modifiers (and those are the only ones you can change from then on…) and still has RNG in it :slight_smile:

it’s an idea… that’s what these forums are for :slight_smile: if GB picks up on this they can and will create their own interpretation of this and so not creating a fast track to god tier weapons…

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Oh yes, that would be the absolute best thing. If that comes with enough stat options, rarities, unique parts that change the way the weapon works entirely in a wide variety of ways, many different appearances for the parts would also be huge. To make it truly possible to make a weapon your own.

That would all matter on how they implement it, so long as it doesn’t reduce farming we’d be good. :stuck_out_tongue:
And god-tier items will also depend on mayhem 2.0, they could make it so farming and making these god tier items is basically required for Level 10, or at least too difficult for anyone to really be willing to take on that mayhem level before gearing up.
Could even make Mayhem Level 11, where full on god-tier items is absolutely required and even with them extremely difficult, for the people, like myself, who really want that grind and challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

But for now, I’d really just want to be able to change/remove scope/sight. Even if only for weapons that are able to spawn without it.

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They could probably use the Dahl type of switch to have a scope or iron sight :slight_smile:

wouldn’t brake things to much (if at all)

though for me, i just noscope everything in this game hahahaha

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I mean, that would be cool, but what I mean is actually going into the parts menu and removing the scope there. Next to the scope part there would be a button either for removing completely, or a drop down menu or similar where you can choose what you want to use, iron sight, holosight, red dot sight or the scope that dropped with the weapon.
Could even disable the possibility to do this unless the player is in Sanctuary. Or just make the player interact with a table or something in their room on Sanctuary to do it.

For weapons that don’t have the models to accomodate for rds/holosights, just allowing for removing scope is perfectly fine, but making models and allowing for rds/holosight would be better.
Wether they allow for this on snipers is entirely up to them. though they would of course require the ironsight part. As when you remove the scope on a Sniper there’s nothing you could use to aim with, its pretty much flat. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Well, if you remove the scope on a sniper you can’t aim down sights at all, right click doesn’t do anything haha. :p)

i just got an idea! :smiley:

after the 50th item jakobs send me for killing stuff with their weapons…

create some sort of quest list for items wich rewards you parts (instead of some random vendortrash) and bring back gaige as a NPC on sanctuary (they probably won’t bring her back as a VH so…) wich can then install these items for a fee (and the parts offcourse)

it’s a grind, it’s fun, gives incentive to use items, etc. :smiley:

what do you guys think? i might add it to the list of QoL changes i made some days back :slight_smile:
seeing a lot of stuff that we allready posted/asked on these forums actualy made it into the game shows GB actualy uses our ideas :wink:

Ive seriously had some good guns that are ruined by a crap ton of useless models and metal bolted around the sight so when you zoom in, 60% of your screen is covered and you can’t see what you’re aiming at, and you gotta look thru a tiny rectangular view on top of gun that is opaquely colored with its own crosshairs and patterns inside, further obstructing the view


Yeah its really annoying. While 13igTyme did bring up a good point that since it has a scope, its not perfect, which yes, I think the people who prefer no scope can agree on. But there is NO other part that changes the way the weapon is used the way scope does.
I will still use the weapon if everything else is amazing, but will never, or rarely aim down sights, which in turn affects my enjoyment of using the weapon negatively.
If this part was a grip, or any other part, it would simply change a few stats, it would not at all affect how its used. Element of the weapon would, but all it would do is change what type of health you’re shooting at with it.

So yeah, I can’t repeat this enough really.
Please, let us remove scopes. you could simply start with allowing the player to do so on weapons that naturally spawns without one, like the SkekSil for example.
If you then decide to be even nicer and allow us to actually choose between no scope/red dot sight/holosight on the weapons that naturally have these, then even better.
But infinitately better than that would be to allow for this option on all weapons. Snipers are up to you, allow total freedom? Or maybe just allow for the player themselves to choose Zoom level, only going lower from the zoom level it dropped at.

I repeat this in practically every post, I know, but figured there’s more chance to see it and I really just want this so badly. It really would just be such an absolutely fantastic addition, no matter which way of the 3 ways listed they choose, it only gets better the more freedom they give us.

Hell, they could add the ability to do this as a Guardian Rank skill, maybe the tree its put in gets branched off, one is this ability, the other is something else for people who don’t mind scopes/sights.
Or some really difficult and time consuming questline to do, maybe you would get a choice between two abilities, one being this, the other being the ability to do something else that makes some part of the game more fun. Like being able to equip any level artifacts and classmods from level 1, this would be a very fun addition to the game aswell. I would love to be able to do this too, would be so much more fun to level new characters.
The classmod/artifact reward thing could of course be changed to something else, as that reward is more for people who enjoy making new classes, so maybe that second one should be some other gamechanging and fun ability that everyone can use and enjoy would be better. If a dev ever reads this then maybe make a Poll or something and let the community decide on something of equal value.
That is, if this branching reward thing is of any interest, its not needed, all I want is to remove/change scopes, wether its earned, or straight up just patched in for everyone to utilize right away doesn’t matter to me, just figured this branching reward thing would be pretty cool so added it.

(As a side note though, move the classmod/artifact thing somewhere else, would still be a lot of fun :p)

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Because in this case, a bad sight/scope is so much more than just a minor stat on a grip or magazine. A bad scope/sight can make it unuseable for a some people for various reasons really. I has a bigger impact on the gameplay.

Like for me personally i can really only play with iron sighted or small 1.5x sighted weapons. I don’t ADS a lot but when i do it needs to be iron sight.

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also, (on the ruining the experience thingy) people seem to forget they can trade… so yeah… i think farming and swapping parts would be more of a grind still…

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That is indeed also true.

And yes I’m basically only replying to bump the thread. :stuck_out_tongue: