Suggestion: Add a M11 like the old M4

M4 was fun, never liked old M1-3. Keep/Raise the difficulty or add mobs(depends on the balancing next patch) and drop the modifiers. Maybe even make an incremental M10+ challenge out of it like NG+ in other games. Something people can compete in without actual PvP. Then don’t add better gear or anything else exclusive to M10+, optionally cosmetics as a fixed mission reward. M4 was a good fix for Mayhem 1.0 and did not cause as many problems for many players(crashes etc). The difficulty itself could be the “mayhem” instead of flow breaking modifiers.


Seriously need to cut it down to like M5 and make M5 old M4 and have annoints drop like:

M1: 10% loot anointed
M2: 30% loot anointed
M3: 50% loot anointed
M4: 70% loot anointed
M5: 100% loot anointed

M11 would be 12 levels including M0,…

Yeah id like a m10 just a lil harder with no modifiers. Just the game with more mobs too. Thatd be my difficulty. And we can always handle more mobs because circle of slaughter the animals one proves it. They just need to optimize it.

I HATE the modifiers they arent even a challenge theyre annoying. If they added extra badasses with thr modifiers built in like eletric badass. Like the takedown heavies then maybe id be happy.

actually more mobs is easier , reflux brainstormer exist and will become even more mainstream .

What I hope they’ll do

  • No weapon scaling
  • make modifiers optional
  • keep increased difficulty slider (but actually make something that works with the matchmaker. Seeing the topics since launch playing online seems like the worst thing ever)

What they’ll probably do

  • keep up current trend and never be able to balance the game.
  • lose a good chunk of their playerbase
  • pull a D3 (fire a bunch of people and start actually bringing the game up to standards)
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Agh yes the whole game vs 3 niche setup guns which require anoints and specific setups to be highly effective. Theyre not that strong. Dont base the game around youtubers with one shotter shields

Which are always bs traded items which prob started from a modder anyways.

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??? no no and no , u dont need a lot to make them effective and u have tons of annoint that works for these 2 as long as it is a + elemental annoint. its a gun almost everybody keep in inventory so i dont see how my opinion based around utuber