[Suggestion] Add all legendaries (except dlc and takedown ones) in world pool

I personally think this game should move away from players needing to save and quit 200 times to get a gun, 80% of which time is probably spent in loading screen if your build is good enough (also depending on the boss).

We’ve had two major events that some of us mostly missed and/or didn’t bother with them (cartel and loot the universe) because we were too busy farming bosses for the m6+ op guns at the time. It was the perfect opportunity for something like this.

My suggestion is to add all legendaries (except dlc and takedown ones) in world pool so we can farm for most stuff this game has to offer while enjoying whatever part of the game/story we want. If that would be too diluted, maybe make those legendaries that aren’t already world drops drop less often than those who already are. Alternatively, give all legendaries a dedicated sources and make them equally weighted at drop in world pool.

Dedicated sources don’t have to go away in either cases. It would just make the game more enjoyable for some of us who don’t like to sit in the loading screen 50% of the time farming for a gun.

you can get most stuff from all sources in the game already
the dedicated drops are mostly not exclusive drops
there are only a few like kaoson, monarch, etc.

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I don’t know about that. It felt like I was getting the same guns over and over while farming the cartel mobs. That or everything was too bad to be even considered.

Basically, the only guns that matter? I mean, I don’t want free op guns (there shouldn’t be guns that completely overshadow everything else, but that’s another problem), but most of the bosses in the game are a chore to sit through and there’s absolutely no variation in farming same boss 300 times. We need more randomness when it comes to content. Diablo games were so successful because all items were completely random, although some had only a slightly higher chance to drop off dedicated sources. I merely wanted to suggest a similar system and I’m sure this won’t impact anyone negatively.

The problem is the high RNG
without dedicated drop you would farm days for a specific weapon. Let alone element, parts, anointments
It’s just too much
The random stats and skills on class mods, relics, shields
It’s too much to not targetfarm that stuff

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Well doesn’t current diablo have a bunch of ways to off set RNG like a crafting system and others. So I don’t think you can say it is completely RNG.

True, but in diablo 2 all stuff was random and dedicated drops for items only slightly improved your chance to get said item. In diablo 3, the loot is tailored for the class you play as well, meaning 95% of the loot that drops is for the class you currently play.

Imagine 95% of the anointments of the guns you find being for the class you actually play. That would also cut a lot of unnecessary farming.