Suggestion: Add party health bars to UI

I have always loved playing the healer in any game. I love healing in Battleborn. It gets a bit hard in pvp with everyone running around its difficult to see everyone’s health. I think it would be super helpful if they added party health bars to the UI. This way I can concentrate on attacking and then switch healing if I see their shield/health drop. What are your (the players) thoughts on this. Do you think this would be a good add to the UI?

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That’d be very useful, and not just for healers. It’d also let the whole team know if their support is in trouble, in turn

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I was surprised it wasn’t in the beta because in alpha footage (on the BB website) you can see the health bars on the screen. I would really like that option to exist in the full game.

Yeah, I’d love this this. It helps with team play and it’d be very useful in both pve and pvp.

Very much asked for by my friends. And adjustable size to ui id like a bit less BIG clutter, like not boundarys of ui the size.

It should be a toggle-able option. Let players choose to have it on/off and as said above be able to adjust the size.

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I completely disagree. Healers should be forced to have their head on swivel and actually coordinate with their teammates, not be given an easy mode healer UI. Healing is already very strong in Battleborn adding easy mode features like healthbars or a healing UI only make an already powerful class even more powerful while simultaneously removing the skill it takes to be a good healer.

No healthbars, no healing UI, no crutches, no easy mode.There is nothing wrong with the current system.

This would be a nice option. I know I can still see team mates health but this would be easier. Though I don’t deem it necessary.

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