Suggestion: allow rotation of lobby character model

Ok, so this is obviously not high priority, but wouldn’t it make sense if you could rotate the nicely detailed character model in the middle of the lobby screen? The right thumbstick isn’t currently being used for anything, and seems like it should absolutely spin the model (like in the command menu).

When I’m waiting in a queue, I want to see more of that sweet character design.

I constantly try to rotate the character with my right stick, haha! It’s feels so natural and then nothing happens. I’m not necessarily disappointed when the Battleborn doesn’t rotate, but a teeny tiny part of my heart drops. Maybe at this point it’s embarrassment because I still try to do it almost daily.

you can go into the command menu while still searching for a match.

Well, sure you can. You can also enter shift codes, refresh your friends list, change your setup, etc. But as @Geonessary said, it would just be so natural for the right stick to spin the model that it seems odd that it doesn’t.

Also, I want a pony.

Honestly I would just like to see a background change for the menu lobby thing. Seeing the same bit of the ship is rather boreing when it is the only thing to look at when waiting for a game. I would like to see some of the planet backdrops behind my character or something.
Like maybe do what they did in borderlands with the 360 landscape, this would also cover the character spin.
OK I might be getting greedy here but I would also like to see them add some new idal animations for the characters and more animation in the background other than just those two minions booping each other on the head.

You can do this during the final “Prepare for Battle” stage, but not during the “Select Character” stage. At least, you can on XB1 - I tested it last night during some Quick Match rounds.