Suggestion: allow ships to auto-dock/summon repairs

One of the things I miss from the original HW1 is that there was an option that would tell strike craft and corvettes to automatically retreat to the nearest dock (mothership, carrier, support frigate) when they received a certain percent of damage for repairs (IIRC, this was a slider that you could set this point from “50% damage” to “never”). This eliminated the need to micromanage units during combat and saved a lot of replacement construction, but as far as I know this is absent from HW2 (there may have been mods that ported it back in). I wonder if there is some way that this could be integrated into an overall fix of tactics. In addition, it would make battles go much easier if frigates and capital ships could automatically summon repair units when they have sustained large amounts of damage rather than having to pick through each one on the selector menu, particularly when multiple ship types are in the same group. I would propose something like this:

  • Player can set the critical point of damage, from 50% to never
  • Ships on Aggressive tactics will never auto-dock or summon repair
  • Ships on Neutral or Evasive tactics will auto-dock/summon repair on reaching the critical point
  • Ships on Passive tactics will auto-dock or retreat towards the mothership, a shipyard, or carrier when enemy units come into range
  • Probes and platforms, being immobile and expendable, will never summon repair.

If scripting works like before it is something that can be added easily enough in a modded game rule, at least with a preset %.