[Suggestion]: Ambra's Ultimate Retool Balances + Other Stuff

I really love Ambra (just finished getting her to level 15), and I think overall she’s in a “good place” right now, with one or two exceptions:

Ambra’s “ultimate” really needs some love: it’s just too damn hard to use, be it in PVE Story Missions, or in PVP Matches:

  • In PVP Matches, people have all the time in the world to get out of the way before it explodes.
  • In PVE Story Missions, all the enemies either move out of it’s area before it explodes, or they’re long dead by the time it does lol.

I can think of quite a few “non-OP” ways to balance this right off the top of my head:

  1. Alter one of her tier 10 helixes so that it does something like:
  • Reduces the fuse time by X Seconds, but also reduces the damage by X%.
  • Reduces the fuse time by X Seconds, but also reduces the stun duration by X Seconds (or removes the stun entirely).
  • Reduces the fuse time by X Seconds, but also reduces Smoldering Remains’ effect duration by X Seconds (or removes the after effect AoE entirely).
  • Reduces the fuse time by X Seconds, but also reduces the radius of its explosion by X%.
  1. Change one of her helixes so that it causes an “ability usage mutation”, similar to Oscar Mike’s “Airstrike to Orbital Laser”, or like Ambra’s own “Solar Wind to Staff Slams”. I have a suggestion for what it could change to.

How about something like:

  • Replaces Ambra’s “Meteor” with “Supernova”, which summons a much larger sun to the target location for X Seconds. The “Supernova” releases solar flares, which deal X Damage every X Seconds for X Seconds.

  • You could add an explosion effect to the end of that duration (or not), but maybe something like “The Supernova explodes after X Seconds, healing all allies within its radius by X Amount”.

The only other thing I’d like to bring up is that her Sunspots’ health is just PATHETIC. Even the TINIEST Thrall or any other “minorest of the minor enemies” murder them in like, 2-3 hits, and even the helix mutation that add “+50% health” to them is just laughably not enough…

In contrast, Kleese’ Energy Rifts get A LOT more health AND A SHIELD, so I think it would be a non-OP rebalance to either:

  • Give them a base health increased of AT LEAST 100%.

  • Give them a VERY SMALL health regeneration (maybe only when Ambra is near them?).

  • Give them a minor lifesteal effect for the damage they do.

Also, I know Ambra’s final Helix Mutation lets you heal and strengthen her Sunspots, but I find this completely WORTHLESS for three major reasons:

  • People do not stand still long enough to benefit from the Sunspots’ healing usually, in either PVE or PVP

  • It’s on the same helix level as the one that let’s her, you know, DIRECTLY heal, and (especially due to the above point) I NEVER do not take that one…

  • The amount she heals them is pretty pathetic - due to their LAUGHABLY low health, she cannot even keep a single one of these “alive” while channeling healing into them with more than one or two minor enemies attacking them…

Ambra is probably my favorite character at the moment, and the above are just a few of my thoughts on how to make her a bit more fun! :]

In my opinion, Ambra’s ult is supposed to be difficult to land. It’s not meant to be used as an aoe nuke, but rather as zone control to deny the enemy team a fight, and potentially let you score minions, damage a sentry, or capture a point since they’d be at a disadvantage if they fought around her ult.


Her ult is just sad at the moment. I shouldn’t have to pray that the enemy doesn’t see the giant flashing beacon of get out of here whenever I use it.

It seems to me that the delay is due entirely to the fact that it has a stun upgrade in the helix. I wouldn’t mind seeing this removed if it meant I could actually use the ult effectively. Its damage is already quite low (for an ult).

You should try to place your ultimate behind the enemies, where they don’t see it and after a few second you push them back in the ult with the shockwave (mid helix lvl4)

i have something like 80% succes with that

Honestly the functionality of her ultimate is even more limited in the PVE Story Missions.
I rarely ever land a hit with it - maybe 1/3 of the time (but only because I don’t use it when I don’t think there’s even the SLIGHTEST chance of it hitting).

The issue is (which I said in the OP) that AI enemies either move out of it, or are already long since dead by the time it goes off lmao…

Good suggestions. I’d also add that her standard rt beam should be given back a bit more range. It was nerfed by 50% I believe. I think it needs 25% added back.

Overall her nerf was too heavy handed.

Yeah it is pretty short now in general. It’s quite hard to heal other players with via her helix due to its limited range and also not being able to sprint while using it.

Usually I only get like a second off before people run away lmao. n.nU

I think if you made her sunspots not lose life when attacking enemies, and increased the startup range of her beam she would be a perfectly playable character with her only complete mismatch being 1v1 against alani who really needs to be nerfed anyway. Making her ultimate work faster would be nice too but probably unnecessary

Other BB’s with non ult skills can do it better in those fields you mention.
OM’sfor example grenade with the Embiggened Boom zones much better with a much more active dot and lower cd and he has an ult on top of that.

Her ult pretty much got stripped of it’s sole trait that made it decent and functional.

Yeah, it’s way too easy to avoid her ultimate. I have a hard time using it on AI let alone people who can just use a skill or sprint out of it.

I think her sun spots need retooling. They don’t heal very much, they don’t deal very much damage, and they last a few seconds at most.

I tend to use her ult in two ways. Either I fire it off behind the team as mentioned above or in front of myself or a team-mate if a kill-hungry melee attacker charges us. I can often hold them in place with Solar Wind and if they don’t back off they take damage. It’s surprising how often a melee character fails to notice the marker if they see a potentially easy kill. It doesn’t always work but it’s saved me a couple of times.

I’ve also killed an Attikus with it because he jumped ontop of me as soon as the meteor hit, as well as a few other people when I put it places that they probably didn’t expect I could. (I’z a sneaky Ambra, sometimes) Again, I maintain it’s a good ult, you just have to learn the timing and position it/your enemies/yourself correctly, which is easier to do with Ambra, since she gets two knockback mutations for Solar wind (Either a knockback over time, or two major burst knockbacks).

What’s it like having a genie?

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I’ve used it against unprepared teams, gotten 2 kills and 3 assists. It’s still a killer in the right spot. I like to put it behind them, so they either go forward and get slaughtered or get a meteor in their face. I think it’s fine as is.

I just started using Ambra and one of the first things that jumped out to me was how (unnecessarily) difficult it is to land especially considering the damage it does and when looking at other character’s ults.

-the marker: the huge crystal is waaaaaaay too noticeable for her ult to be useful in pvp. A red ring around the area where it’s going to hit would be more than enough

-time: the time between casting her ult and it actually happening is insane. I can knit a sweater before EE strikes.

Her ult casting time should easily be cut in HALF or given a slow effect in the wind up area. In the meantime, some extra damage on the off chance you land it would be great. You’d think an ultimate called “extinction even” would have a much higher damage output.


The ult is ridiculous. I do get kills with it, but that’s usually when the other team is overwhelmed and they just can’t move out of the area or there are so many aoe effects going off that they just don’t notice it.

Once I was chasing an Alani and cast it behind her, thinking that I was chase her into the radius and she’d get caught by the blast. we both ran to the circle of effect, went all the way across it, and came out the other side before the thing went off. I drop it on sentries, use it to help clear slow moving minion waves, and occasionally put it somewhere that I think will have enemies in it soon just in the event that it may catch someone. Or alternatively put it somewhere to make them flee a spot since its so damn obvious that it’s going to drop there.

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The problem imo is that her Ult is easy to land against random, but if they are a 5premade it’s nearly impossible to hit, as there will always be atleast one of them who will see your ult…

When facing an Ambra it’s not the crystal that i see first but the sound that she makes when she cast it or her animation when she raise her hands to cast it.

You have to be not paying attention like, at all to not have enough time to move out of the way.

The only times I’ve successfully used it in PvP against people who aren’t oblivious as hell were like when I’m fleeing from someone, and I turn a corner so they can’t see what I’m doing anymore and toss it down so they run into it blindly.

It used to at least have a slow for the “after effect” (burning embers) - they removed it lmfao.

*I always think it’s a sign that a change was a very poor choice when someone who did not know what the thing used to be like suggests a “fix” that would be the very thing that was removed/altered.
I know that’s not completely the case here, but I’ve seen this kind of behavior before when people suggest ways to “fix” Ambra, sooo… XD

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