Suggestion and feedback: Anoints make weapons and shields Class/build specific-restricted and they hurt the parts game

Its pretty tough farming a boss/monster over and over hoping to get the best version of a gun and I DO NOT MIND… its always been that way in Borderlands But then it will basically come with a class and build restriction known as anoints.

In the endgame anoints make a gun viable theres no ands ifs or butts about it at this point. Shure some weird niche builds with god rolllled stats can make everything sorta great. Good for them.
Imagine finding ur perfect version of a gun but the anoints for another class and specific build? That hurts.

Based of numbers and complicated math i dont care about the chances of you finding a dedicated gun with the anoint u want and the element are less than anywhere acceptable. Now tackle onto the Original gun game of parts which make guns unique which i love. And well…

Basically anoints make a weapon or shield class, tree and build restricted. It kills the fun for me personally.

I feel pathetic saying so but i have killed singular bosses over 500 times multiple times and found nothing usuable or that i want… And its because of the anoint system… I dont think this is fun anymore or value or a good spending of my time i should be able to see a weapon drop be happy and feel its still good and not absolute garbage.

I can not speak for everyone… But everyone i know has left. Even my wife who played the whole journey with me. It may be impossible for ppl to find what they need want or something usuable after 100s of kills ona singular target. Thats not ok. I actualy fall into the weird minmax nutcase crowd personally and will farm for days using the fastest methods possible. My play style is not healthy or keeps ppl in a endgame.

Please talk about this specifically. Let us know you recognize the issue.

You’re gonna have to do “something” about anoints…

  1. Whether its letting ppl somehow reroll the anoint or find another way for them to be applied

  2. Nerfing all anoints into Small benefits so they dont feel ultra necessary where just a good gun and its parts shine.

  3. Vastly increasing dedicated drop rates or guaranteeing a drop

  4. Trimming off many anoints letting a weapon have multiple like a class specific and sliding damage. Or homogenization. Instead of just phase slam. Itll be phaselam/fadeaway/ironbear/barrier all in one. Whatever youre doing there are many anoints that need to be cut out are redundant and just add bloat. Some anoints can not work with a gun or shield and are completely useless

  5. Explosions?!

My borderlands itch isnt getting scratched because of this system. More like it’s just giving me some kinda nasty rash.


It’s worse than it used to be. I’ve spent almost all of my time the last few weeks murdering Traunt, Warden, the Cartel bosses, Geneviv, Killavolt and Katagawa over and over and over.

I think 2 main thing conspired to do this to me:

  1. A relatively small pool of weapons are currently enjoyable to use (this problem is more pronounced for certain characters, Amara probably has less of an issue than Zane or Moze).
  2. Most of the good stuff is not world drop eligible.

It used to be that I could just play the game and cool stuff would drop. Maybe I didn’t have a god rolled Rowan’s Call, but I did have a really good Lucian’s Call a great Brainstormer and a cool Maggie so it didn’t bother me. A run through of the Slaughter Shaft might not get you the exact item that you wanted, but you’d probably get something neat.

Now I feel like everything I want is locked behind dedicated loot pools. All I do is kill bosses on a loop.

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Well u could also still use unannointed quest items in mayhem 4, before 2.0 Not like they had different or better damage. Anoints feel too nessasary now. Even if they tone down mobs and increase damage of other weapons. Having a label that says.

Look its for this class and build which is not you. Is not exciting…

I agree about the problem with anoints. I do know a bunch of people with farm fatigue and it all comes down to anoints. I do not have a problem farming for a particular weapon. I think drop rates are fine. If anything I find it too easy to get legendaries to drop. But getting them with the anoint? That is a completely different story.

As a whole I enjoy the game and trying things out. But farming gear for anoints does have me a bit burnt out.

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Yea, I do wish they would at least restrict the annoints that drop to the character that you’re currently playing with or just give general ones.

I understand the idea is that you may use it for your other class, but when I’m farming using a character I’m usually doing it to get items FOR that specific character.


after playing bl3 compared to all the other bl games,devs continue to make the same mistake over and over,lets make the new way more complicated so they have to have a math degree to figure out how to use the useless annoints.its a game keep it simple bl 1 was perfect in my opinon and ive invested hundreds of hours without 1 pearl weapon but it was ok, it was fun and simple i didnt have to worry about garbage annoints,all i had to worry about was my maximum damage per weapon.
now i have to figure out iron bear which i would have liked a modified turret simple throw it down go to town,i dont have to get in and out of it wasting time.hence simple.
and another thing evreytime you come out with a cap increase i have to go back and refarm for because the weapons are better,i ran the same orange weapons all the way through bl1 and all the dlcs.
iam 55 yrs old iam too damn old to farm night in and night out i do have a job.
GB get your #### together you toatally screwed up a perfectly good franchise by this annoint bull####.
and another thing get freakin rid of the wall art and trinkets in loot pools at this point what does it matter.
my 2 cents sorry been keeping a lid on it till it finally blew.
ty fightercat
one more thing mayhem is about the stupiest thing really you get rerolls to you get what you want.
simple solution 5 levels scale weapons to match.

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I fricken laughed at the math degree.

I love it man. It is too complicated. Itsa game! It needs to be more simple. I loved bl2 quest reward guns more than legendaries minus the maggie 2fer

tks man ive had just enough


Pretty much the same as well.

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Like…half the fun for a specific part of the borderlands community is how complicated it is though? Like. On the surface, it’s a very simple game. But if you want to, you can make it deeper.

The anointments aren’t NECESSARY for anything below top content with less that great guns.

You can do TVHM no Mayhem with Zero Anointments and succeed. Top Tier Anointments on Top Tier Weapons are only necessary, and I’m using Necessary Loosely, for Top Tier Content.

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Sowhat ur saying could i sum it up as…

Basically. Some ppl love the extra extra rng of anoints.

You dont like it well go play on easy/normal now that the games changed in less than one month.

----to me.thats how it comes off.

My response to you is. U could say devs admitted theres issues alot, loot and other things. All im doing is giving my feedback. Everything is relatively new.

They could double the difficulty and id be fine still and plowing through this game at m10. Id still like a reward for my effort and not have class restricted gear. I don’t find that aspect fun at all. The loot is broken but itsa sympton of upcoming issues i see.

Maybe you think ppl doing takedown 100s of times at m10 not finding usuable gear is the way the games meant to be. Good for you :smiley:

Ive had my fill of alot of smug antifeedback everythings perfect if ya dont like it play normal sentiment. Ppl on high horses. Inclusive community members Acting like 100s of players are just whiners etc and they domt belong in the game or end tier content etc if they dont wanna play like itsa fulltime job to see one usuable item. So to ur suggestion ill say… No.

Pardon me if im wrong about what youre trying to convey

Lemme start with: the loot has a problem that needs to be fixed. There’s too much stuff in the game for there to be this much RNG ONLY methodology. That’s a fair assessment. No one likes the RNG of anointments.

Well some people think we’re getting loot too easy. Those people I just…let sit in their threads and whine about how easy the game is or whatever.

What I’m arguing is that your entire viewpoint is flawed.

“This gear is locked off from my character”. First off. It’s not. You can use the gun. The anointment is a bonus. What I said was that anointments aren’t necessary pre-Mayhem. And up to certain Mayhems.

You said “it’s a game it should be simple” and I hard core disagree with that. A game should be simple at the surface level with intricate depth for those that want it without being absolutely necessary for those that don’t. And borderlands has succeeded in that.

You took what I said to those specific points, and applied it on a macro level. That’s not the case. I do think RNG Everything is a bit much, and that the upper difficulties should at the very least be accessible. But thoae two things kinda go hand in hand.

The idea of the stuff is that you’re supposed to get better stuff to go to higher levels. Lower stuff can clear the lower levels. And there’s no need to play on the highest difficulty. That saying “this gun isn’t for me” because the anointment isn’t for your character only makes sense if the gun is useless without it. And at many levels of content, it’s not.

There’s plenty of issues. You just choose all the wrong ones to focus on.

My point and my problem with your post is this:

Anointments don’t make things class restricted. They open up new Avenues of play by existing. A Gamma Burst anointment can let a FL4K use a Hellfire even against shielded enemies. The new CritDotNova anointment gives a brand new mechanic.