Suggestion: Anointment "While On CoolDown"

I’ve been thinking a lot about how my biggest downside with Moze is that I always end up sticking to one weapon because I get a 2 Mags anointment that lasts forever, and switching loses that.

So I was thinking that, in the family of While SNTL/Autobear/Gamma Burst, maybe they could make a While AS is on Cooldown. This could go automatically on all the “kills increase bear cooldown rate” because that’s a bad anointment to build around as is, in my opinion.

This would be a massive improvement to both Rocketeer and Full Ride Bear concepts. We could get a few guns with While Bear is On CoolDown and switch between them without then losing our whole anointment boost for 45+ seconds. Then we’d be encouraged to get back in Bear because, well, we lost our anointment. It could even be a shield with life steal while bear cooldown.

Anyone got thoughts on this?


I really like the idea while on cooldown. I think it could possibly even work on general anoints

It has a similar adaptability to things like while Auto Bear active but would give far more build diversity to long cooldown play styles.


I like it, i’d embrace anything that allows me to gear and build around iron bear the same way i could gear and build arouns moze on foot.


Right! I already have given up the Grenade Elemental slot for Bear Nades. I am giving up my Shield elemental for Bear Novas (which could do with a boost like…maybe add a spike element to them? I’d like them to be more than start and finish. Because I tend to start and finish enemies away from them)

I want there to be so much reason to go full Bear that people who say “bear is only good for quick in out anointment” don’t have a full leg to stand on. On CoolDown would turn our weakness into an asset!


I like both styles(in and out/Bear ride) as well as an in between mix.

This is a great idea really for all styles since Moze has the longest cooldown in game.

My name is Moze and I support this thread.


We’re doing some wild things with Bear these days.

Or. BAEr as I’m calling him.


I call him Ron.

Bear is fo sho a party aminal!

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I like the consecutive hit and killing anoints on certain things. They work independently. Check those out if you’re tired of smashing that action skill button every few seconds to keep your damage up!

Oh, you’re gonna need to come see what I’m doing before you think this is a grab for boosted power. Lol.

I am looking for Consecutive hit Tsunami and Slowhands, for sure. But I just want there to be less penalties for weapon swapping when you’re between skills.

The current situation promotes one of two options: find one gun you can brute force everything with thanks to an anointment and only switch occasionally, or swap for matching elements, but lose the ability to work with an anointment bonus.

I stand by the idea that a “During Cooldown” anointment would be a solid solution for this, while also giving people a reason to play with full skill usage. See. Part of the point of anointments was to make sure players used their action skills. But due to fuel refund and long cooldowns, particularly on Moze, there’s a rather large swath of players who just hop in and hop out to get anointments, and don’t have a good experience with the full skill.

My main Moze right now is an All Bear All The Time build with everything designed to make my time in Bear a devastating force. I just finished M4 Jackpot with it, from Fabricator to Jackbot. It’s a BIT exploity. But. It’s a solid string of thought out exploits? Lol.


Gearbox should consider a class mod that works around this concept. One that has an effect while on foot, and a different effect while in bear. It would emphasise the dual nature of Moze and her action skill.
Maybe a lifesteal % on foot and something that works like short fuse while in bear, that effects all hardpoints (even the terrible melee ones).

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Yep. I don’t like that the anointment only works on the weapon you had out during AS usage, if it’s AS dependent. I feel that you should be able to switch to weapons with similar anointments, and have that anointment work, if your AS has ended shortly before. Your suggestion is viable and I’m sure they are looking at different options to approach this issue. I just feel that some of the anointments need to be buffed or removed(yes I’m talking about you sliding/airborne! Lol), as it can be really hard to find the right weapon with the right parts with the right anointment. Lot of variables there.

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Airborne…you ever had an Airborne Accuracy Hellwalker? It’s wild. Hahahahahah

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I actually had one and it was pretty neat!

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I wish autobear was a 3 point skill and either 15 to 45, or 10 to 30 seconds. And better autobear anointments. Why does gearbox think the current autobear fire anointment is in a good place? They buffed it to be still way worse than one that lasts forever. Autobear doesn’t last long enough to make good use of it without rocketeer and rocketeer is useless.

Maybe if there was a splash autobear anointment, and both splash and fire anointments had the ammo regen one combined with them it’d be worth using… Or make it more powerful. It’d make rocketeer worth using. Imagine 120 or 160 splash boost while autobear is up? Rocketeer would be great.

I like the idea of ‘while cooldown’ anointments, because I’m so tired of not switching weapons. It’s a really bad gameplay mechanic. I don’t know what they were thinking.

Realistically they should just activate all anointments you’re holding. The only problem I see with a during cooldown anointment is it would encourage rough rider builds and Iron Bear would become super annoying, you’d only use it to get rid of your action skill.

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Definitely cool ideas for annointment variety.

I just wish they simply fix how they coded and reference stuff for their annointments. Gun object already holds some data, ammo tracker, annointment type reference, etc., just keep track of annointment triggers and references on weapon swap, and track duration/number of reloads while annointment is up so that whenever a gun is in a zero duration state or greater than 2 reloads After Skill state, weapon annointment bonus is in a null state while holding that gun.

I’m sure it’s more complicated than simply adding more variables and trackers but it can be done, and I wish they just do it.

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Yeah I use rocketeer a lot, to the point where I nearly took Wotan pre scaling with a rocketeer build. It’s useful, especially for using MoD to keep grenade sustain up but I agree it’s pretty lacking. I like the idea of three points in auto bear, and I like the idea of more autobear annointments like splash, lifesteal or crit damage. The 8% ammo regen is super powerful stacked with MoD, redistribution and Blastmaster or Mind Sweeper, letting even small mags like the trevonator stay up at full spam. I’d like to see more action for my beloved rocketeer com. It’s a blast to do the kick dance inside my bubble shield while everything else dies around me.


I don’t know if I’d consider rocketeer powerful in anyway. Maybe just my opinion, but the skill selection is the awful and it’s got a currently pointless perk. The only reason to ever use it over mind sweeper or blast master is just because it can be annoying to place the mech around the map every 20s.

The 8% ammo regen would be useful if there weren’t anointments that boost your damage so much that you don’t need to use guns that require so much ammo regen…

I don’t know I just wish they did rocketeer way better, and the anointments way better. The autobear anointments are super annoying to use with only 15s, and not powerful enough to make rocketeer compete with blast or sweeper.

I’m not saying this stuff can’t be used, but it’s a pretty big sacrifice to use most of it. The one benefit would be weapon swaps, but the anointments suck and 15s I don’t need to switch my weapons. If they gave it a splash anointment I’d probably start farming for better rocketeer mods right now. 80% splash boost while autobear is active? I’d ditch blast master.

I wish I had better rocketeer mods though, I toss any with TCP, and I don’t have any with splash, grenade, or weapon damage.


I don’t disagree with you at all. It doesn’t compete for damage with blastmaster, it’s niche is ammo regen and survivability by taking aggro for you. With the bubble shield at 50% of armour it’s portable cover. But as you started to say at the end, with good rolls it starts to come into its own. The stat boosts are dog shot though. TCP, Cloud of lead and what, Skag den? If short fuse and vampyr worked with auto bear, it’d be a top tier com imho.

Vampyr works with autobear (like it heals itself).

I’m just testing autobear anointments right now… I had no idea you can’t weapon swap and the anointment still works? Like I know with other anointments, but I thought that was the benefit of autobear anointments?? I’m so disappointed haha.

What on earth is the point in auto bear anointments… I was pumped to give it a try again after reading your comment but the fire one is just worse in everyway, and I have no use for the ammo one. I was going to set up all autobear fire anointments to swap between…

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I personally would rather not want them to add another class mod to “fix what’s broken”. It’s lazy and just limits our options what we can do.

Look at Zane, is there any reason to not use Seein’ Dead COM? It does it all.

There are a lot of annointments in the game currently, i’d like to see more of the existing ones work with IB.

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